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Back of the Italian Cup: Torino is the company, but on the 3-1 Bardolino wins on penalties The final return of the Italian Cup between Turin and Bardolino promised to be a fought race and so it was, with a large audience: a real spot for women's football, which we invite you to follow, even if registered, Monday 11 hours 19 on RaiSport Satellite. After the first race, a real "Mancato Goal Festival" for Torino, Giancarlo Padovan's grenade needed a great performance: the 2-0 or a result with three goals to win for the first in the 25 years of history this trophy. The night before the "Ruffini" had seen the undertaking of Antonietta Di Martino in the high jump delete for an inch the historic 2,01 of Sara Simeoni, so it is ready to encore. Ready-way and at the first thrust, Pamela Gueli hits the crossbar. The over 500 grenade fans, who have set up an exceptional choreography, are inflamed. And at the 9 'explode: a corner kick, ball in the pile, Ilaria Pasqui turns and kicks to the door, the ball is muffled by Gabbiadini's arm. For the referee it is a penalty. Tatiana Zorri goes on the spot and like a week before, brings Torino the 11 meters ahead. Bardolino knows that to secure himself he must score, so he tries to push, he gets a couple of shots, with Girelli and Stefanelli not framing the door. At the 18 'occasionissima that seems to reopen the "Sagra" Verona: Fuselli cuts the host defense well and serves a golden ball to Gueli on the left, the young national Juniors enter the area with too much angled shot on the far post, putting out. But it is Pasqui to make everyone's hair straight after 3 ': with one of his rides on the right, he leaves the direct opponent on the spot and on the exit of the Veronese extreme he shoots with force instead of trying the shot under soft. Meta transformed, but this is football ... There are no particular jolts and the first half seems to end with the advantage grenade, but at the 44 'Bardolino makes it clear that if he wants can sting: Boni works a good ball at the edge of the area, you he spins and shoots with precision, hitting the inside of the long pole to the right of Caravilla. The thrill, however, turns into intoxication for the grenade on the reverse of the front: this time on the left, Ilaria Pasqui confirms his skills as a finishing machine and after having bypassed its marker puts in the middle of the area an inviting ball for Silvia Fuselli who shoots sure, sticking the 2-0 ball. The Italian Cup arrives in Turin: it is the 45 'of the first half. In the underpass, the Bardolino technician, Longega tries to convince the referee that an intervention on Panico in the area on corner action could be sanctioned with the penalty, but the referee does not accept the repeated protests and expels the coach who will not return to the bench in the second half. The second half promises to be very painful, but the Torino fans, accustomed by their first men's team, do not give up and support the team. It is up to the goalkeepers to enter the scene. Rita Caravilla at 10 'arrives to take in the right corner a very poisonous shot from outside the Gabbiadini area, at the 14' Picarelli is no less accomplishing a plastic flight on his right to divert a great header from Fuselli center area on cue of Gueli. At 22 'and 24' two good grenade actions on the left with effects, with Fuselli and Pasqui in the center area can not get on the ball. At the 26 'still Caravilla on the shields: this time arrives in the corner to his left on Barbierato's shot. It is the prelude to the goal of Bardolino, who reaches the 27 ': lost ball in the midfield grenade, Panico flies to the area and puts in the middle for Gabbiadini, who cuts the grenade area and bags with an unstoppable shot on the first post. The Italian Cup has remained in Turin just over 40 minutes, including the interval ... It could be a psychological blow, but a final gives very different stimuli from the championship. Ball in the middle and after some exchanges, Gueli flies to the right and puts an inviting ball in the center for Fuselli's dunks under the crossbar. Spectacular goals, the no. 100 this season, which returns to reopen the game: with the 3-1 you go directly to the penalties, without going through extra time. For 15 'there are no particular emotions and therefore the verdict is delivered to the disk. Part Iannuzzelli, an expert player, who wants to leave the football played with a great trophy for his team, but who knows why the referee makes her nervous by going to check the position of the ball on the disk. At least 30 "of conciliabolo, what is enough for Titta to make the shot from Picarelli. We can not expect the mistake from Valentina Boni, and in fact the Bardolino goes to sign. The Turin Nuria Guardia will put the carriageway on the carriageway, then the former Panico will bring his own. The strange rules of football, want those who kick and score a penalty in the game, then the mistake in the series decisive. And if it happened to Zico and Platini, let alone if he could escape this "law of the great" Tatiana Zorri: the third attempt in seven days, Picarelli gets to take the shot at half-height on his right. Luckily for Torino, Rita Caravilla takes advantage of the training sessions of the last few weeks and waits diligently for Gabbiadini to stop her. But on the most beautiful, when you should not be wrong, Fuselli looks for a sort of too much telephoned spoon and Picarelli para. Caravilla confirms to have entered the right competitive trance and still puts a big hand on Motta's shot. On the fifth shot grenade, still the referee to do the fleas on the position of the ball, Raffaella Manieri does not break up and pulls a precise blow to the 2-2. The last word to Tuttino, who shoots very angolatissimo, Caravilla intuits and arrives almost, but the ball passes inexorably: 2-3. The Italian Cup leaves Turin. It's a metaphor: she had never physically arrived, the president Natalina Ceraso Levati had chosen to be at the "Trofeo delle Regioni" and not to delegate anyone to the delivery of the trophy, which, perhaps for the first time in its history, is not delivered in the hands of the winning captain, Valentina Boni. However, the Verona party is still there, like the discouragement in the grenade ranks. The torinist fans do not miss their thanks for the commitment and the show: it will be for the next time. Turin - CentroPose Bardolino 3-1; 2-3 dcr (pt 2-0). Networks: 9 'Zorri rig., 45' Fuselli; st 27 'Gabbiadini (B), 28' Fuselli Sequence of penalties: Iannuzzelli saved; Boni (B) goals; Goal keeper; Panico (B) goals; Zorri saved; Gabbiadini (B) saved; Fuselli parata; Motta (B) saved; Manners goals; Tuttino (B) goals. Turin: Caravilla, Bosi, Iannuzzelli, Cacciatori, Miniati, Manieri, Bruno (st 1 'Cantoro, 40' Guardia), Zorri, Gueli, Fuselli, Pasqui. Available Serafino, Bonansea, All, Padovan. CentroPose Bardolino: Picarelli, Motta, Sorvillo, Stefanelli, Barbierato, Tuttino, Girelli (st 20 'Toselli), Riboldi (st 20' Rodella), Boni, Gabbiadini, Panico. Available Rizzo, Manzoni. All. Longega Referee: Antonio Genova (Bologna); collaborators Donatella Casula (To) and Antonello Madau (To). Notes. Ammonite: Manieri, Iannuzzelli. Expelled: 45 'Longega (B). * * * The interviews of the Torino-Bardolino match (by Paolo Ponti) "A good match, a great audience and two great teams". This is the first comment of the Veronese technician Renato Longega. "Unfortunately, the negative note came from the referee, who whistling badly without favoring anyone, has disadvantaged both. As in the first leg we suffered a penalty in the first few minutes without having one as clear on Panico. But this is the least. I believe instead that the Taurus was almost afraid to win. We have not done a great first half, on the contrary we have left to desire. The second half we had the ball of the game, but if there were extra time I think we could have won ". But Bardolino and Torino will still face the first of September for the Super Cup final. "Every season is something in itself. Next year will be worth seeing. However, I believe that both teams will be very competitive next year, even if they are big revolutions. We want to change something in the backlog, with more centimeters for aerial play and more speed on the exteriors ". And on his expulsion: "At the end of the first half I went to talk to the referee about Panico, but he did not want to hear any reasons, and so he pushed me away from the field". On the bank side, however, the regret remains for a company that was half successful, as reflected in the words of the technician Giancarlo Padovan: "This result, to be even more fair, should have been 4-1. We missed goals, yes, but I can not blame anyone. We had a splendid match. I thank all those of the staff, those who were close to us in this unlucky season in which we did everything to win because they are very prepared people who have given their hearts to this team. The new season will restart the 1 ° September always against Bardolino. We have made a great year and can not always win the same. We will win the Super Cup ". Carmelo Roselli, second coach and goalkeeper coach, comments this season finale: "We came second beating, in addition to Bardolino today, also the misfortune of many injuries. We saw a team game, we saw between these two teams the best women's football in Italy. We have sinned in finalizing perhaps, but it is not an excuse ". Rita Caravilla, now the author of a couple of important saves, in addition to the penalties that kept her hope alive: "It's a great pity. We had bad luck. We cross the first minute, two shots on goal: a goal and a goal. As far as I'm concerned, we have won, and even if the penalties say the opposite, I would never change the team. I want to be from Turin ". GOLD WORLD CUP 1971 CUP Rome 1972 Falcons Crescentino 1973 Falcons Astro Montacatini 1974 3 Range Padova 1975 Milan FIGCF 1976 CHAMPIONSHIP Milan Gbc 1977 Lubiam Lazio 1978 Conegliano 1979 Conegliano 1980 Gorgonzola 1981 Alaska Lecce 1982 nd 1983 Marmi Trani 1984 nd 1985 Roi Lazio 1986 Modena LND Football Division F 1987 nd 1988 Modena Euromobil 1989 Giugliano Campania 1990 Giugliano Campania 1991 Woman Sassari 1992 Reggiana Zambelli 1993 Reggiana Zambelli 1994 Geas Sesto S. Giovanni 1995 Torres Sassari 1996 Lugo Zambelli 1997 Torres 1998 Torres Sassari 1999 Torres 2000 Torres 2001 Torres 2002 Torres Sassari 2003 Torres Sassari 2004 Bardolino Vr 2005 Bardolino Vr Next meetings Thursday 2006 June at 2007 at the sports center don Mosso "in via San Marchese in Venaria, a friendly match will be played between the first team Turin and the Vecchie Glorie Granata. Saturday 16 June last seasonal matches for Turin, in the triangular with the United States National team and the landlords. * * * 2006-2007 grenade nets 57 17 Championship Pasqui 13 Fuselli (1) 9 Zorri (1 on penalty) 4 Cantoro, Gueli 3 Gangheri, Bruno 2 Manieri 1 Miniati 1 goalkeeper Italian Cup 43 14 Pasqui 7 Bruno 6 Fuselli 4 Zorri (2 on penalty) 3 Cantoro 2 Guard, Gueli, Nicola 1 Bosi, Dear Ones, Bonansea Complex 100 31 Pasqui 19 Fuselli (1) 13 Zorri (2) 10 Bruno 7 Cantoro 6 Gui 3 Gangheri 2 Manor, Guardia, Nicola 1 Bosi, Dear, Miniati, Bonansea 1 autorete Turin Press Office ACF Torino Bruno Bili 347 / 51.42.057
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