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BARDOLINO WINS THE ITALIAN CUP IN STRONGLY GREAT TEST OF THE TURIN THAT OFFERS THE DEATH OF THE GOING AND CLOSES THE GAME FOR 3 - 1. EMOTIONAL GAME PLAYED WITH A VERTIGIOUS RHYTHM. SPACE FOR GAME AND CONTINUOUS FRONT CHANGE. TO THE RIGORI DECIDES PICARELLI-PARATUTTO AND THE CUP REMAINS IN BARDOLINO. SHINE THE ABSENCE OF PRESIDENT NATALINA CERASO LEVATI, NOT AWARD In detail, we have deepened this story with the information we have collected The delayed match will be broadcast Monday at 19.00 on RAI SPORT SAT. Turin ahead at 9 'with Zorri (penalty), doubles Fuselli at the end of the pt. In the second half Gabbiadini shorter distances but a minute later Fuselli brings the grenade nets to 3. It goes to the penalties .. Case Levati, we read on Saturday's Tuttosport "Natalina Ceraso Levati has guaranteed its presence at the final of the Tournament of Regions organized by the LND Bardolino and Turin were aware of my commitment explains the President, so that I asked them to postpone the final on Sunday. But I had a refusal. " It should be noted that on Sunday Bardolino and Torino had to face the Primavera team for the final stages. In the interview I gave to Padovan on Thursday 7 June, the Mister of Torino says "... if he says that the president of the division will not be at the final of the Italian Cup because he is engaged in another event, BUT IS SHE THAT FIXED DATES FOR THE FINAL OF THE ITALIAN CUP AND WE HAVE ATTENTION TO THOSE DATES.Wine win I do not care, continues Padovan, but the Cup should be handed out immediately to the winners and not the 1 September when we will challenge again for the supercoc. So you do not win credibility "So a mistake of scheduling dates in which the president could not say no to the trophy of the regions to the detriment of the Italian Cup. I ask myself and I ask you: THIS IS PROFESSIONALITY? Here comes Picarelli-show, Toro: IANNUZZELLI - PARATO BONI - GOAL PULID GUARD - GOAL PANIC - GOAL ZORRI - PARADE GABBIADINI - PARADE FUSELLI - MOTTA PARADE - WELLNESS PARADE - GOAL TUTTINO - GOAL BARDOLINO WINS THIS AVVENTY CUP ITALIA WITHOUT THE CUP ... EVEN IF ... maybe a cup on the pulp the Bardolino can lift it to the sky .... THAT OF THE LAST YEAR! [Feu]
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