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Cup Italian Cup: Torino wastes a lot and loses 3-1 in Bardolino Losing a lot controlled for a large part, both on the level of the game that on the occasions, 0-1 advantage away from home: this is what happened Saturday in Bardolino Calmasino between Bardolino champion of Italy and the Torino of Padovan in first leg of the Women's Cup final in Italy. The challenge between the two teams is rooted in the Italian Cup semi-final of last year, when Bardolino eliminated the grenade going to win the trophy, and has developed throughout the recent season, with the pursuit at a distance that has decreed the final success of the Verona damage to the grenade. Also in the Cup the same challenge was repeated in the final, and the first act went again to the Gialloblù of Renato Longega, with the result of 3-1. A dominated game, it was said. And for at least 60 'it was like this: Zorri's initial advantage from the eleven meters, for a foul on Fuselli that was pushed during a corner kick, and started in control with some outburst Venetian, triggered by the very active bands covered by Gabbiadini and Riboldi. At the 31 'Panico has the opportunity to draw, but face to face with Caravilla try the "spoon" on which the expert goalkeeper manages to save in the corner ... A minute passes and the highly fused Fuselli cuts in the middle of the opposing defense exploiting its speed: the last touch is too advanced and the exit of foot of the Italian-American Picarelli saves the result. Overturn in the front and Riboldi is able to take advantage of a triangulation to descend on his right drinking Manieri and Iannuzelli: almost from the bottom is a panico half-height ball that in the scrambled acrobatic ex-grenade shoves in the network for a draw. Before the break there is still time to look for the new advantage grenade with Gueli, who served from the left arrives in a small area, but in a slightly defiladed position shoots up. The same Venetian risk to overturn the result before the end, but twice Caravilla manages to save his door with low output intervention. In the second half it is still Toro, but the attacks only succeed in gaining the corner kicks that the grenades fail to yield. Between the 13 'and the 17' the "five minutes" gialloblù, or rather the 5 'of amnesia grenade: before Riboldi manages to enter the area, always from the right, firing on Caravilla. On the rebound Boni is ready to serve Panico who gains a penalty on a contact with Cacciatori. From the disk Boni is not hypnotized and signs the tie. At the 17 'still Riboldi goes crazy but the conclusion is wrong, but favors the rivatta to Gabbiadini network for the 3-1. The Torino tries the forcing for the remaining half an hour, but the forces begin to fall and the rain that sweeps the field for the last quarter of an hour does not help the maneuver. The clearest opportunity to shorten the distance passes from the head of Pasqui, who served from the left by Manieri, plunging is the ready rejected by the talented Picarelli. Now there are 90 'minutes to play. The result is not safe for the Veronese: the 2-0 at Ruffini would reward the grenade. But Torino will need a perfect match, assisted by all the warmth of its audience. CentroPose Bardolino - Turin 3-1 (pt 1-1) Marking machines: 8 'Zorri rig., 31' Panic (B); st 11 'Boni rig. (B), 14 'Gabbiadini (B) Centropose Bardolino: Picarelli, Motta, Stefanelli, Sorvillo, Lonardi, Tuttino, Barbierato, Riboldi (st 35' Toselli), Boni (st 42 'Girelli), Gabbiadini, Panico. Available Brunozzi, Rodella, Manzoni. All. Longega. Turin: Caravilla, Gangheri (st 34 'Bosi), Iannuzzelli, Cacciatori, Manieri, Zorri, Miniati, Bruno (st 32' Cantoro), Gueli (st 38 'Guardia Pulido), Fuselli, Pasqui. Available Serafino. All. Padovan Referee: Minghini (Ferrara); assistants Bucco and Vassanelli of Verona. Notes. Ammonite: Tuttino (B), Bruno, Gangheri * * * Interviews after the Bardolino-Torino match (by Paolo Ponti) At the end of the game the Italian champion technician commented on the final result: "To beat this Turin it took the Bardolino of the best times. We played better in the second half and went down with a doubtful penalty, but Torino is a great team that knows how to play good football and has shown it ". But the result says 3-1, what did you have? "The girls were good at reacting after the initial disadvantage despite having not played a good kick. In the second we managed to come out with our characteristics "The best in the field for the two teams? "Gabbiadini and Stefanelli for Bardolino, Pasqui and Fuselli for grenades". What can you tell us about the Boni case? "Valentina Boni is not at full and will be operated. The surgeon said that from June 4 every day could be good, so let's wait for his news. On the missed calls in the National I can not judge myself. Surely Valentina is not at the top and the problem in the leg is there, but there is also to say that during the year was still convened. It will probably be a technical choice ". Giancarlo Padovan, who has a lot to complain about the concreteness of his girls in the offensive department, intervenes from the Torino side: "It was our best game transfer and we lost 3-1. There is something wrong, we missed the attack completely. I do not say that we would have stravinto, but only in front of their goalkeeper we can not miss those goals. We could clearly close the game and instead on the overturn in front we suffered a draw. Not to mention the recovery where we beat an infinite number of corners without scoring any ". Saturday the return will be played, hopefully, in a garbage bomb. What will it do for girls? "Girls will need a perfect match. We have shown that we have the skills to create opportunities to win. And the 2-0 is not an impossible result, it's within our reach. But in front we must mark "...
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