Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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IL TORO S'OUDUDE POI AFFI BARDOLINO DOC D'ANNATA On the lead with Tatiana Zorri on penalty the amaranth start strong and determined but the Euro goal by Patrizia Panico brings the guests back to reality. Advantage on rigor created by the champion Valentina Boni. Galvanized by the lead the Italian champions bring the networks with Melania Gabbiadini to 3. A good game played with determination from the two teams that dominated the entire championship. To conquer the coveted Cup and overturn the result Torino should play a return to sustained pace of play and put into practice for the whole 90 'the tactical and tactical qualities / techniques seen in flashes during the season and worthy of the athletes who make up the staff of President Bersano. On the other hand, it should be emphasized that Bardolino has amply demonstrated to be the team to beat and to know how to impose. In my opinion, the challenge is not concluded with the result of yesterday and in Turin the return will be even more compelling and full of twists. Beautiful set design of both fans in the stands of the Belvedere stadium. Thanks to the direct commentary by Daniele Perina on RadioRCS, many sportsmen were able to watch the meeting broadcast live from Athletes can also listen to the return match live on our site. Tuesday a summary of the 20,25 on Venetosat (893 SKY channel) and the 18.15 and 23,55 about Telearena (frequencies on Walter Pettinati The girls of the Centro Pose Bardolino are not yet sated and after the conquest of the tricolor they also want the Italian Cup. This was shown by the Gialloblù, in a Belvedere stadium full of supporters, surpassing Torino for 3 goals one in the first leg of the Italian Cup final. Taurus is very motivated and starts very hard trying to surprise the Garda people. Veronesi who suffer the goal grenade eighth minute advantage on a penalty kick granted with some magnanimity by the race director for a push on Fuselli. Tatiana Zorri takes charge of the joke displacing the excellent Picarelli, which will be among the best in the field. At 10 'Panico is landed heavily in the area, but Mr. Minghini of Ferrara is turned and does not see, on the continuation of the action Boni calls into question Caravilla who saves in the corner. Patrizia Panico severely commits the grenade goalkeeper who performs a half miracle on a close-range conclusion. On the other side, Fuselli's escape is stopped by Picarelli who comes out in an avalanche and pushes away with his feet. At half an hour the draw yellowblù: Riboldi puts in the middle for Patrizia Panico. His flying scissor makes the stadium explode, leaving the number one torist player petrified. The race is full of reversals in front, Il Toro punishes forward but Bardolino fails in two circumstances the second network. In the second half we see the Bardolino championship format and after the opening of Iannuzzelli, the Gialloblù show. Netto the stoppage suffered by Patrizia Panico the eleventh for the penalty kick masterfully transformed by Valentina Boni. The advantage further galvanizes the Veronese centering three minutes later: a nice cut by Gabbiadini that launches Penelope Riboldi. The Bergamo is rejected by Caravilla but the ball comes to Melania Gabbiadini that bag the 3 network to 1. The former on duty Ilaria Pasqui could bring the grenade back into the game but on his gored dive the young Picarelli is ready. Bardolino in the final also claims for the failure to grant a second penalty for the knockdown suffered by the unspeakable Gabbiadini. On Saturday in Turin, the return race will be staged with the Garda people who can get the triumphal cockade for the second consecutive season. THE TABLE: CENTRO POSE BARDOLINO 3 TURIN 1 Center Pose Bardolino: Picarelli, Motta, Stefanelli, Sorvillo, Lonardi, Tuttino, Barbierato, Riboldi (35 'st. Toselli), Boni (43 'st. Girelli), Gabbiadini, Panico. All. Renato Longega. Turin: Caravilla, Gangheri (34 'st. Bosi), Miniati, Cacciatori, Zorri, Iannuzzelli, Fuselli, Manieri, Pasqui, Bruno (32 'st. Cantoro), Gueli (38 'st. Guardia Pulido). All. Giancarlo Padovan. Referee: John Michael Minghini of Ferrara. (Bucco and Vassanelli) Networks: pt. 8 'Zorri (rig.), 31' Panic, st. 11 Boni (rig.), 14 'Gabbiadini. Notes: Sun in the first half, rain in the second half, ground in perfect condition despite the copious rain. About 500 spectators with numerous representation of grenade fans. 5-9 corners. 1 and 4 minutes recovery. Ammonite Tuttino, Gangheri, Bruno. In the stands present the head delegation of the national women's team Piergiorgio Gozzer and Rita Di Bari representing the FIGC Women's Football Division. On TV: Sunday at 22,10 on Telearena images and interviews in the course of "Tutto Dilettanti". Monday service on Telenuovo in the Veneto TG of the 12,30 and 14,00. Mertedì broad summary at 20,25 on Venetosat (893 SKY channel) and at 22,30 about Telearena (frequencies on
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