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CENTRO POSE BARDOLINO and TORINO WILL PLAY THE FINAL OF CUP ITALIA 2006-2007 Round-trip game to play the 2 and the 9 June. The draws will take place on Friday 25 May in Rome. The 2 June could coincide with the penultimate stage of the Giro D'Italia (time trial: Bardolino - Verona) and the first leg (if played in Bardolino). A very important opportunity for the visibility of the two companies and for all women's football, as long as the draw favors the possible event and that there are favorable conditions for amalgamating the two competitions. let's hope! For Torino it is an opportunity for redemption and the victory is a must to conclude a season that saw the company of President Bersano favorite, as every year, for the final victory of the championship and that instead ended with a disappointing 2 Place. But I do not think that Bardolino is satisfied with the victory obtained in the championship and the smalling form of the Gardesana leads us to assume a thrilling final, not to be missed and that the strongest win! The Bardolino eliminated Torres with a heavy 8 to 2 after the first leg was over 1 to 0 for the Lombards. The Torino has disposed of the Agliana practice with a net 3 to 0 on the way and a round 5 to 1 in the return race. In the content the comments of the two games. BARDOLINO - TURIN (2 June 18.30 hours) - TURIN - BARDOLINO (9 June 18.30 hours) : · COPPA ITALIA. CENTRO POSE BARDOLINO TRAVOLGENTE AGAINST TORRES. THE GIALLOBLU 'WIN 8 TO 2 AND APPEAR IN THE FINAL WHERE THE TURIN WILL FACE. TRIPLETTA FOR VALENTINA BONI, DOUBLE FOR PATRIZIA PANICO. Tuesday 22 May 2007 'And a truly overwhelming Bardolino that one admired at the Belvedere Stadium in a very hot afternoon. The Gialloblù line arrives in the Italian Cup final inflicting on Torres the heaviest defeat ever suffered in the history of the famous Sardinian formation. The Gardesane immediately took the lead with Melania Gabbiadini who collects the cross from the bottom of Riboldi and bags at the far post. Gialloblù doubling the 20 ': launch of Tuttino for Boni that on the edge of the game outflows towards the opposing area, also exceeds Winkler with a fake and bag with the door unguarded. Bardolino relaxes and the sardines take advantage of it by reaching a draw within five minutes with Tona's gilt and the great conclusion from Iannella's distance. To the guests, defeated with the minimum deviation in the first leg, another network would suffice to pass the turn. The 3 network at 2 puts it inside instead the Bardolino: On a free kick beaten by surprise by the Veronese Torres is unprepared, Gabbiadini flies into the area, puts in the middle for the winning deviation of Valentina Boni. In the second fraction yellowblù formation is really rampant, the Veronese delete the Torres going to sign repetition. Melania Gabbiadini opens the swirl of the markings of the second half, with the ball crossed by the flag from Valentina Boni. At the 12 'is the turn of Penelope Riboldi who supports the ball on the umpteenth cross of Valentina Boni. Patrizia Panico also deceives the national expert Tona and with a delicious lob bag the 6 network at 2. The gialloblù are not yet sated and go on the net again with Boni (author of a valuable hat-trick) and Panico who stops at the double. In the final (2 9 in June) the girls of Mr. Longega will find the Torino, the only formation that has contended the tricolor at Verona for two thirds of the championship. THE TABLE: CENTRO POSE BARDOLINO 8 EUROSPIN TORRES 2 CENTRO POSE BARDOLINO: Picarelli, Motta, Stefanelli, Sorvillo, Barbierato, Tuttino (22 'st. Rodella), Girelli (32 'pt. Lonardi), Riboldi, Boni, Gabbiadini (29 'st. Manzoni), Panic. Available: Brunozzi, Toselli. All. Longega. EUROSPIN TORRES: Winkler, Cortesi, Tona, Lay, Brand, Domenichetti, Crespi (11 'st. Sardu), Valenti, Coluccini, Iannella, Ricco. Available: Machado, Pintus, Soro. All. Ennas Referee: The Cicero di Brescia (Gallo and Fiorini) Networks: pt. 7 'Gabbiadini, 20' Boni, 22 'Tona, 27' Iannella, 39 'Boni, st. 5 'Gabbiadini, 12' Riboldi, 17 'Panic, 19' Boni, 27 'Panic. Notes: Very hot day, terrain in perfect condition, 200 spectators around. 3-2 corners 2 and 0 recovery. Agliana descends from the train of daring desires; after the 3-0 of the first leg, which leads straight to the second Cup final in two years. A journey made of five stops that of the neroverdi nell'affoso afternoon Aglianese, there are many in fact the times that Pasqui & co are able to move forward. Baldi signs the most beautiful pearl of the afternoon at 83, but the Agliana hopes to tear at least a positive result had abandoned after just 20 ', when on the already prohibitive 0-1, Fadda decided to go on holiday with 70' advance by remediating two free admonitions within eight minutes. AGLIANA. Under the scorching sun beating on the "Subsidiary" the neroverdi have the duty to try to give themselves if not a midsummer dream at least a hope. Dreams, however, are often used and worn out especially if you find yourself in front of a Torino tuned on the frequencies of the Cup for at least a few months L'Agliana despite the most offensive structure; initially Carraro and Capalbo have more front-wheel drive jobs, the 10 'is already under: Manieri's cross from the left and Gueli finds the winning zuccata. The road already uphill, becomes steep and in the other 10 'becomes even insurmountable. Between 12 'and 20' Fadda with two volleyball touches he removes as many thrillers and leaves his team to fight in 10 up to 90 '. A bit 'excessive perhaps the first yellow but for the latter the neroverde fantasist does not seem to have excuses. Certain touches were lawful only for Maradona. The grenades thank and the 27 'is already 0-2 with a combination of Manieri and Pasqui. The Agliana closes in a bunker, foiling the enemy attacks as well as the 42 'comes also one of the few ambushes with Capalbo that widens too far to the right to frame the target. Goal failed, goal immediately. After the attempt of Bruno blocked by Cupid, Pasqui launched on the offside edge on the right bag. It's 0-3 as in the first leg but only 45 'have passed, the worst is in store for the second half, where Agliana takes only two goals; another of Pasqui and the other of the young Bonansea author of a valuable personal action, but in the field and in the stands the dog-breeding plays perhaps bad jokes. Certainly not the best way to end a season suffered but ended with a salvation, so we think Baldi to remember the real reasons for which you are on a football field: the spirit of the group and the show. Carefully assisted by her companions on the right, the number "7" starts off a stratospheric shot from outside the area that goes under the left set. The games are closed for a long time but a round of applause for the most beautiful invention of the afternoon is all for her. AGLIANA - TURIN 1-5 AGLIANA: Cupid, Marchesi (46 'D'Ancona), D'Agostino, Ugolini C., Del Prete (65' Palace), Mauro (46 'Lamorte), Baldi, Di Costanzo, Capalbo, Fadda , Carraro coach: Available gears: Frediani, Staropoli, Ugolini E. TURIN: Caravilla (75 'Serafino), Cacciatori, Bosi, Iannuzzelli (68' Franco), Manieri, Gangheri (46 'Bonansea), Gueli, Cantoro, Zorri, Bruno, Pasqui coach: Padovan available: Guard NETWORKS: 10' Gueli , 27 '46' 51 'Pasqui, 67'Bonansea, 83' Baldi ARBITRATOR: Quitadamo (Modena) AMMONITE: Fadda and Del Prete (A) EXPULSE: 20 'Fadda (A) for double caution
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