Thursday, January 12th
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FORWARD SEMI-FINAL ITALY CUP: CENTRO POSE BARDOLINO CORSARO IN SARDINIA. MELANIA GABBIADINI SIGNS THE VICTORY ON TORRES. CANCELED A GOL A VALENTINA BONI, PICARELLI PARA A RIGORE. - PRESS REVIEW IN THE SPECIAL SECTION OF OUR SITE. In the first leg of the Italian Cup semi-finals the girls from the Centro Pose Bardolino return from Sardinia with a precious victory, even if risked in the result, which allows Boni and companions to face with sufficient tranquility the return race scheduled for next Tuesday in Calmasino . On the summary of Olmedo in the province of Sassari mister Longega presents a Bardolino in training with the only variant of the Picarelli between the posts in place of Brunozzi. And the Italian-American will be decisive going to reject a penalty. The sardines take to the field convinced of being able to trip the Italian champions and become dangerous at the start of the race with Iannella who commits Picarelli in a rejected on the ground. Ready the response of the Garda with Gabbiadini that slips centrally but does not calibrate the conclusion on the output of Winkler. At the eleventh yellow and blue you can see the netting of the advantage for an out of play somewhat doubtful: Gabbiadini opens for Panico that goes to the conclusion. Winkler rejects, resumes the ball Valentina Boni that bags but Mr. Lobina of Cagliari on the signal of the assistant Pistis cancels for a mysterious position out of the game of the same Boni. At the 19 'the other assistant Loni timidly signals a handball of a Sardinian in midfield, the game continues with the Torres that becomes dangerous with Iannella that alone in front of Picarelli shoots to the side. Escaped the danger the Gialloblù make the goal valid at the 24 ': Gabbiadini reconquers the ball just inside the area, with coldness and makes a wide shot a precise low shot that leaves no way to Winkler. At 38 'Roberta Stefanelli intercepts a ball kicked from close range. The referee indicates generously the penalty spot. Iannella is repelled by the conclusion from the eleven meters from Picarelli, which is exceeded by even the close riveted of the attack torresina. It is back in the field for the recovery with Torres who tries to subvert the fate of the race with pressing and much competition. Sardines that have to wait for a kick placed at the 17 'to call the rejected an impeccable Picarelli. At the 24 'Patrizia Panico flees on the counterattack but is stopped face to face with the local goalkeeper. Valenti responds that kicks a trip without framing the door. In the final of the race Bardolino on the counterattack could double, but first the clamorous errors of targeting of Gabbiadini and Panico, then some decisions of the referee trio prevent the Gialloblù from mortgaging the passage in the final. THE TABLE: EUROSPIN TORRES 0 CENTRO POSE BARDOLINO 1 Eurospin Torres (4-4-2): Winkler, Lay, Brand, Tona, Cortesi, Valenti (30 'st. Pintus), Domenichetti, Crespi, Iannella, Coluccini (30 'st. Sardu), Rich (37 'st. Mattu). All. Longega. Center Pose Bardolino (4-2-3-1): Picarelli, Motta, Stefanelli, Sorvillo, Barbierato, Tuttino, Girelli, Boni, Gabbiadini, Riboldi (27 'st. Lonardi), Panic. All. Longega. Referee: Lobina of Cagliari, assistants Pistis and Loni of Cagliari. Network: 24 'pt. Gabbiadini. Notes: Synthetic grass ground, windy day. 150 spectators. 2-2 corners, 1 + 4 minutes recovery. Expelled to 18 'st. the Bardolino Perricone masseur for protests. In the other semi-final, Torino beat Agliana for 3 at 0. In the special section the press review. (click on Photos and review Press here on the left).
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