Thursday, January 12th
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Turin - Agliana 3-0 (2-0)

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The march of Torino continues towards the last goal of the season yet to be awarded, the Italian Cup. The first leg of the semi-finals is little more than a formality, even if the game shown was certainly not comparable to that of only four days before against Bardolino. But the moral is the right one, so much so that in the first half, contrary to what is often seen in the championship, the grenades know how to cynically capitalize on the few opportunities procured. At the 10 'is the former Silvia Fusalli to try first with a high shot, then at the 17' Tatiana Zorri gives Torino the lead with a punishment of his: from the left corner of the area with a blow dry the corner more far away, mocking Cupid who expected a lap finish on the barrier. Another series of shots without results at the 22 'by Maura Bruno, at the 25' of Zorri and at the 26 'by Iannuzzelli, then the doubling. At the 27 'Ilaria Pasqui wins the ball in midfield, stubbornly resisting the defenders and launches towards the area Pamela Gueli, who puts the pot on the exit of the goalkeeper. At 33 'Raffaella Manieri tries again (as on Saturday with Bardolino), but this time it is not lucky, so at the 36' comes the first guest shot, of D'Ancona, saved by Rita Caravila. In the second half the Turin seeks the goal of tranquility, but attempts on maneuver are always broken by the offside signaling of the marker (as already a couple of times in the first half), so the best opportunity is for Fuselli, prompted by a cross from the right that however only touches the head in the center area and fails to materialize. For the guests, a few attempts to shoot Fadda, Mauro (at 12 'on short rejected in his own area of ​​Manieri: the real opportunity to network the Tuscan) and Carraro. Then at the 2 '4' recovery comes the third network that gives security for the return race (early to Tuesday 22 at 15). A step back to the goalkeeper Cupido puts the Aglianese extreme in difficulty, which he can not touch with his hands and must intervene in the head, but favors the ambush of Fuselli, who overtakes it with a lob. Saturday closing of the championship in Bergamo, then Tuesday, the return, then, hopefully, the long-awaited final Cup, only touched last year, in which Fuselli and Cacciatori participated with the Agana shirt. Turin - Aircargo Agliana 3-0 (pt 2-0) Marking machines: 17 'Zorri, 28' Gueli; st 47 'Fuselli. Turin: Caravilla, Gangheri, Bosi (st 11 'Cantoro), Iannuzzelli, Cacciatori, Bruno (st 29' Guardia), Zorri, Manieri, Gueli, Fuselli, Pasqui. All. Padovan. Available Serafino, Giuliano, Coluccio. Agliana Aircargo: Cupido, Mauro (st 30 'Lamorte), D'Agostino, C. Ugolini, Del Prete, Marchesi, Di Costanzo, Baldi, Carraro, Fadda, D'Ancona (st 5 'Capalbo). All. Ghimenti. Available E. Ugolini, Palazzo. Referee: Briganti (Milan); assistants Martino (Turin) and Virgilio (Turin). * * * Italian Cup semi-finals Drawings of the Italian Cup semi-finals drawn up this week: Turin - Aircargo Agliana 3-0 Eurospin Torres - Bardolino 0-1 The return races are played on Tuesday 22 May at 15 (and not Wednesday 23 as previously announced). The final matches are scheduled as follows: gone 2-3 June; return 9-10 June.
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