Turin - Agliana 3-0

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The Italian Cup semi-final between Torino and Agliana is not a good match. At the end of the midweek round to make the difference are the singles. The Agliana loses the compass in some delicate situations and the grenade puts a serious mortgage on the qualification under the 3 - 0. The neroverdi do not take advantage of the two created opportunities and are projected with their mind already at the next decisive championship match. [i] In the photo Paola Mauro, one of the two occasions of the neroverdi [/ i] TORINO. D'Ancona spoiler forward in place of the unavailable Ciardelli with Capalbo on the bench: these are the changes that brings Ghimenti to the eleven owner who has to do even less than the injured Pini. Clash between two different realities, second and fourth, difference in motivation. The Torino dominated by Bardolino in the league, has circled with the red outline of the Cup that wants to rise to the sky, instead dell'Agliana would like to participate in the second consecutive final but Saturday with the Fiammamonza there are in play points for the stay in series A. The grenades start strong and after not even 30 'is 2-0. 18 'punishment from the left corner of the area and the Zorri specialist hits the far post. The shot is accurate and fast but Cupid could have done better guarding the door segment not covered by the barrier. 28 'Pasqui steals ball to Ugolini in midfield, persists in his breakthrough on the right and then draw Gueli lesta in the insertion on the opposite side. The young Turin-based dish is 2-0. In the middle an opportunity for the former Fuselli head rejected by Cupid and swept away by D'Agostino. The Agliana puts the head for the first time there in front of the 33 ': D'Ancona put the ball well on the left. It does not work. A few minutes of recovery and between the feet of the neroverdi presents the second match ball of 2-1. The torist defense defends short, Mauro pulls instinctively but central. From the attack to the defense, shortly after, it is always the number "3" in the heart of the action, freeing itself of an insidious ball. The Turin wants to put the qualification in safe and pushes forward to "incornate": Cupid rejects a squeak of Manieri in corner, Fuselli hits the post on the exit of the former partner and tries again soon after with a weak conclusion from corner and Zorri he tries with an oversized diagonal. However, it will be the "9" number of Aglianese to launch the 3-0 at expired time. 92 'Ugolini leans back for Cupid, the ball is those in the middle, the hawk that goes towards her is Fuselli. The "1" guest number can not touch the ball with his hands and he arranges himself as he can by hitting his head and trying to stem the opponent who in the end still manages to find the decisive blow. TURIN - AGLIANA 3-0 NETWORKS: 17 'Zorri, 28' Gueli, 92 'Fuselli TORINO: Caravilla, Gangheri, Bosi (55' Cantoro), Iannuzzelli, Cacciatori, Zorri, Fuselli, Manieri, Pasqui, Bruno (73 'Guardia) , Gueli coach: Padovan available: Serafino, Giuliano, Coluccio AGLIANA: Cupido, Marchesi, Ugolini C., D'Agostino, Del Prete, Mauro (75 'Lamorte), Di Costanzo, Baldi, Carraro, Fadda, D'Ancona ( 49 'Capalbo) coach: Ghimenti available: Ugolini E., Palazzo ARBITRO: Briganti (Milan) AMMONITE: Fuselli and Gangheri
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