Italian Cup - Asd Ludos Palermo - Upea Orlandia '97

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FINISHES 1-1 THE DERBY BETWEEN ASD LUDOS PALERMO AND UPEA ORLANDIA? 97 TO DECIDE THE GAME BUTTACCIO AND BERTINO IN THE FIRST TIME On the fourth day of the 8 Group of the Italian women's football Cup ends in the same? the derby between Asd Ludos Palermo and Upea Orlandia? 97. To decide the 1-1 Buttaccio networks at 9? and Bertino at 39 ?. Expelled, both in the first half Buttaccio and Manzella. The ASD LUDOS PALERMO Tabellino? UPEA ORLANDIA? 97 1-1 NETWORKS: 9? Buttaccio, 39? Bertino ASD LUDOS PALERMO: Tusa; Of Flower, Abbasta, Constance (57? Reina), Marquis; Orlando, Gammicchia, Span ?, Garnet; Buttaccio, Patti. Available to Ciranna, Scalici. Coach Massimiliano Osman. UPEA ORLANDIA? 97: Impoco (80? Palumbo); Cucinotta (75? Castrovinci), Mollica, Radici (57? Grillo), Catalfamo; Morello, Iuculano, Manzella, Bertino; Minciullo, Giuliano. Leuccio Tonarelli trainer. REFEREE: Antonino Urso of Catania. Assistants Francesco Oneglia and Marco Munac? of Palermo. NOTES: Sunny day, clay court. Admitted to the 41? Constance. Expelled to the 14? Buttaccio and the 34? Manzella. 5-4 corners. 1 Recovery? pt and 3? pieces. At the 9? Asd Ludos Palermo immediately goes ahead: Buttaccio works a good ball on the left side of the Palermo offensive front and puts the ball in the middle towards Garnet. The ball, however, takes on a strange effect and goes on without the same garnet being able to touch it. At the 14? the palermitane remain in 10 for the expulsion of Buttaccio. The referee, Antonino Urso of the Catania section, is influenced by the screams of the guest player who collapses on the ground after Buttaccio, to avoid the impact with the opponent, has put his hands on the body. In ten l? Asd Ludos Palermo tries to control the game, but must deal with the superiority? number of the Upea Orlandia? 97 that to the 20? goes close to the draw goal first with Minciullo and then with Iuculano. On both occasions we exceed the goalkeeper Tusa who performs two miracles closing the door to the opponents. At the 34? the referee reestablishes parity? numeric throwing the ex Manzella out of the field. The 7 number of the Upea Orlandia? 97 is anticipated by Garnet at the limit of the area of ​​Palermo, ends on the ground and strikes a kick towards the opponent. Despite the parity? numerical l? Asd Ludos Palermo suffers the return of the opponents. At the 39? Mollica needs a filter for Bertino on the left side of the penalty area. The player enters the area and passes Tusa out. In the second half the two teams seem to feel a bit? fatigue and try with conclusions from outside as in the case of Span? for the palermitane and Minciullo for the peloritane. The recovery? stingy with emotions, but in the last few minutes the most important occasions come. dangerous for the hosts. The first two on Span's feet, but in both cases the ball is intercepted by the goalkeeper. The last goal ball, just a few seconds from the end, happens on Abbasta's feet, but his shot just goes wide. The next commitment for the Asd Ludos Palermo will be? Tuesday? November 7 in Bagheria at 20 when it will be? recovered the stracittadina on the field of the Eagles. The match, valid for the third day of the 8 Group of the Italian Cup, should have been played on the first of October, but not? disputed due to the absence of the arbitration board. Palermo, 29 October 2006 L? Press Officer Valerio Tripi (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
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