Agliana - Rovezzano 3-0

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Three goals, as many points, zero defeats and still remains inviolate. L? Agliana flies in the Cup and does so with different interpreters. Against Rovezzano? was the turn of Di Costanzo, Fadda, the first season network and the young Lamorte at the first ever in an official event ... Few emotions in the first minutes, the heat perhaps weighs down the ideas of both teams. The first to try? Marchesi; Has the young Perugina taken us by now, shooting on the right pole at the 6? but the former dishes? ready. On the other side? also ready Cupido that defuses a shot by Migliorini from distance. It takes for? all the Neapolitan inspiration of the Pirone tip to lighten the spirits: cross from the right again by Marchesi and the number? 15? do not think for a moment in performing in a spectacular reversed. Ten for the sin gesture for the aim that not? perfect. To this for? Do you think of Captain Costanzo, even surgical in transforming to 30? a penalty granted for the landing of Del Prete. From one prowess to another, we also try the same 11 number? to put the paw: malignant parable on punishment from outside on which Piattoli puts a hand and deflects for a corner. Lousy loot of nets for the left outside after the double win on Wednesday, c ?? joy instead for Fadda at the first seasonal scoring. The scooter? Sardinian? impregnable, from right to left, vertically, leaves only the traces of if to the opponents and knocks as if knocks at the door of Piattoli. Two to zero for the goalkeeper on the first occasions but on the third? the number? 10? to dictate the law. A phosphorus Ciardelli and in the vein of remote controlled assists inspires the other to take a detour to the fly. Europol! In the wake of enthusiasm the 3-0 also arrives, a network a bit? special. Ciardelli invents, cold Lamorte Piattoli with a powerful right. IS? only a minute passed from its entrance and for the sixteen-year-old bomber grown up in the Aglianese hatchery, the doors of the first "big" network opened up. Result in the safe and maybe the neroverdi relax that much more? that is enough to get scared by the adversaries. Menciassi, Del Bont? and Issich diagonally before and with a two-palm pinball machine from the small area try, Cupido and a bit? do good luck help Agliana increase up to 270? l? inviolabilit? of the neroverde gate. Strengthened by the difference in goals rising to + 7, the girls of Mr. Ghimenti look at the next clashes with greater tranquility. AGLIANA? REWIND 3-0 NETWORKS: 30? Di Costanzo rig., 49? Fadda, 69? Lamorte AGLIANA: Cupid, Marziani (78? Staropoli), Mauro, Di Costanzo, Pirone (68? Death), Marchesi (47? D? Ancona), Baldi, D? Agostino, Ciardelli, Fadda, Del Prete all. Ghimenti available: Frediani REQUEST: Piattoli, Falaschi, Benvenuti (46? Menciassi), Seventh, Bedside, Lanzuise, Del Bont ?, Migliorini, Miniati (72? Issich), Iaquinardi, Tani (58? Vannucci) all. Curcio available: Cianci, Russo, Magonara, Crescioli AMMONITI: Di Costanzo REFEREE: Raspollini (Livorno)
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