Italian Cup: Turin vs Milan 4 - 1

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The Turin - Milan comparison in less than two months? played in all the sauces: in friendly, in the league and now in the Italian Cup. And for three times the victory? gone to the grenade: 3-1 to Ozzano in the 7? "Memorial Patrizia Dovico" at the beginning of September, 2-1 fifteen days ago in the 2a day of the A1 series, 4-1 tonight. An important result, that achieved in the evening postponement to the "Nebiolo field", which delivers the pass of the first round of the Italian Cup to the Turin of Giancarlo Padovan (will you come back? so in the field against the winner of the 2 group on Saturday 17 February for the first leg and Saturday 10 March for the return). Game definitely more? brilliant from the first minutes compared to that of the championship, perhaps about the field (two weeks ago soaked water) but certainly the two teams, although both lacking two holders each (in the national Zorri and Fuselli grenade and the rossonere Cassanelli and Perelli) and aware of playing the first goal of the season in practice. In the event of a draw, Milan could then look for qualification against Alessandria, scoring at least 9 goals, so the Torino for the certainty of the qualification had only one result from his. Match immediately open and after a couple of conclusions on the side arrives at the 19 'network of Veronica Cantoro, launched by Guardia, which scores with a shot to parabola from the edge of the area. Not even the time to organize the defense of the advantage that at the 25 'comes the Milan draw, with the Cross able to slip into the sweaters of the torist defense and to sign the 1-1. Turin immediately angry forward: Ilaria Pasqui is free very well in the middle of the area but shoots in practice "a penalty" on the goalkeeper Comin out. Always vibrant match, with Milan still pushing and getting some chances well-stopped by Rita Caravilla. Then the decisive double win by Maura Bruno: at the 31 'with a nice lob on the goalkeeper outgoing and the 42' able to take advantage of an empty exit of the goalkeeper on a crossbar. You go to rest on the 3-1 with the feeling that the game can be already? marked and in fact the recovery gives only remnants of emotions, but all intense. The first at the 38 ', when Raffaella Manieri entered the field, on the return from the injury suffered to the cruciate ligaments the 23 may in the Italian Cup. Finally re-established after the operation and the long recovery, the Marches? again at full disposal of the technician, more weapon? in the race towards the ambitious seasonal grenade targets. Another thrill to the 43 ', the fourth network, signed by Ilaria Pasqui with a great shot from the 25 meters. Gol strongly sought by the player from Reggio Emilia, who in the meantime had been seen by Comin another great opportunity in the middle? recovery, and important because? this is the eighth official network (9 with that of the friendly of Ozzano) seasonal of the new bomber of Turin, at least once in all the matches played so far, seven official + one. Turin - Milan 4-1 Marking machines: 19 'Cantoro, 25' Croce (M), 31 'and 42' Bruno; st 42 'Pasqui. Turin: Caravilla; Bosi, Cacciatori, Iannuzzelli, Chancellor; Guard (st 14 'Gueli), Carissimi (st 38' Manieri), Miniati, Cantoro (st 27 'Nicola); Bruno, Pasqui. All. Padovan. Available Serafino, Gangheri. Milan: Comin; Turra, Ficarelli, Del Gaudio, Celentano (st 31 'Vitale); Sancassani, Quitadamo (st 23 'Ferretti), Bernardi, Dudine; Cama (st 9 'Cammarata), Cross. All. Paolo Mincioni. Available De Gennaro, Cappella, Pagano. Referee: Filippo Perron (Biella); signallings Donatella Casula (TO), Grazia L'Abbate (TO). Italian Cup Group 1: 4a day: Alessandria - Riozzese (29 / 10); Turin - Milan 4-1; Sampierdarenese rests. Ranking: Turin 12 (qualified); Milan 6; Sampierdarenese, Alessandria 1; Riozzese 0. Program 5a day (Saturday 4 November): Milan - Alessandria; Riozzese - Sampierdarenese (5 / 11); rests Turin. * * * 2006-2007 grenade nets 8 3 Fuselli, Pasqui 1 Cantoro, Zorri Italian Cup 18 5 Pasqui, Bruno 2 Guard, Nicola 1 Bosi, Cantoro, Carissimi, Fuselli 26 8 Pasquettes 5 Bruno 4 Fuselli 2 Cantoro, Guardia , Nicola 1 Bosi, Dear friends, Zorri
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