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[img] [/ img] Brilliant redemption for the rosanero after the knockout of last Sunday in the league. Alexandria overwhelmed by Piccinno (2), Biliato, Perini and Laura Sironi ALESSANDRIA - RIOZZESE 0-5 ALEXANDRIA: Viotti, Paschetta, Dragons, Mint (20 'pt Salerno), Piana, Scaglione, Fasciolo (5' st Monti), Zoppi, Marafioti, Barrale, Di Stefano. All: Bosso RIOZZESE: Ventura, Asperti, Tonani, Piva, Sironi F. (1 'st Pignedoli), Bonini, Biliato (10' st Mecozzi), Dandolfo, Sironi L., Perini, Piazzolla (1 'st Piccinno). All: Lanzani Referee: Mangariello di PineroloReti: 7 'pt Biliato, 15' pt Sironi L., 36 'pt Perini, 22' st and 37 'st Piccinno ALESSANDRIA. La Riozzese regains confidence with the victory and in the third Italian Cup challenge annihilates Alexandria with a peremptory 5-0. A success that is useless for the purposes of qualification, already? compromised by the two defeats against the battleships Milan and Turin, but very useful for the morale of the rosanero veterans in the league from just one point in the last two races. In Alexandria Lanzani fully regains his girls who grind good game and come back to find with ease? the way of the network. With some variation in the initial eleven in the name of turnover, La Riozzese unlocks the result already? at 7 'when Biliato, placed on the far post, with a left on the fly turns into a perfect assist of Asperti. After Piva fireballs that strikingly hits the pole, the rosanero doubles down already? the quarter of an hour with a beautiful conclusion of robbery of Laura Sironi, who submits deposited on the network the cross of Biliato. At the 36 'La Riozzese drops the set with a delicious lob Perini from the right corner of the area exceeds the goalkeeper out. Signals dell'Alessandria come only from the attempts of Marafioti and Barral on which, for ?, Ventura makes two major interventions in diving. In the second half, after the second wood hit by the unfortunate Piva, the riozzesi round the score thanks to the double of the Piccinno, entry at the beginning of recovery. At the 22 'on Perini assists the Rosanero striker bags with a lob from the edge, while at the 37', always on a millimeter invitation from Perini, avoids two opponents and with a bolide exceeds the Piedmont defender. The Citizen of Lodi (o)
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