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Concrete Levante, the first victory in the Italian Cup arrives. Chiavari. The Levante has the better of Bogliasco and gets the first victory in the Italian Cup. The two Ligurian teams have given life to a balanced game in which, however, there have been missed chances. A p? because of the defenses that left few spaces to the respective attacks, a p? for the lack of precision in the last step; the fact remained that the work for Piola and Bandini did not go beyond normal administration. The first half passes without jolts; a couple of cues from Picone and Sartelli for the Levante, some conclusion from distance for Bogliasco, for the rest it was a trench fight with the two teams engaged in a vain attempt to gain meters in midfield. In the Levante recovery pi? aggressive, but the music does not change; then the coaches with the changes try to shift the balance: Minoliti puts Pappalardo to increase the danger? in attack, Macelloni responds by entering Zucconelli for Rosati. The result, however, changes to the 71 'for the classic episode: Picone, entered in a secluded area on the right, is faced by Macr? that on the momentum commits a foul as clear as naive. It is a penalty kick that Sacco transforms Bandini by displacing. Immediate guest reaction at the 78 'touches the draw: Pastorino from distance hits the crossbar in full, on the ball comes Ansaldi who fails to reply to the net. The action continues with the same Ansaldi that ends up on the ground, it would be rigor but n? referee, n? linesmen see the withholding at the host attacker. To put everyone in agreement we think Carino two minutes later with a sudden and precise conclusion from the thirty meters that leaves no way out for Bandini for the splendid 2-0 network that closes the game. The Bogliasco tries in the last ten minutes to shorten the distances but Belloni and companions stand guard at the door defended by Piola that does not run serious dangers. Networks: 71 'Sacco rig., 80' Cute. LEVANTE: Piola, Pascale, Sartelli, Condidorio, Carino, Belloni, Sacco, Picone, Carrano (81 'Nappi), Rivara (74' Massa), Rosati (68 'Zucconelli). To disp .: Foreigners, Balbi. Herds Macelloni BOGLIASCO: Bandini, Catarsi, Spinelli, Pastorino, Macr? (76 'Laura), Librandi, Bianchi, Stringara, Delbene (60' Pappalardo), Romeo (73 'Ansaldi), Basso. To disp .: Grotta, Furlani, Ottonello. Herbal Minolites Ammonite: Macr? (B). It ends like this 2-0 for a concrete and attentive Levant in defense, where he gave the least to his opponents, and who deserved the victory having looked for it with pi? conviction. At Bogliasco, even if not very incisive in attack, the good performance remains besides the regret for the lack of rigor of the possible 1-1.
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