The Pontecagnano drops the tris: Salernitana ko

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PONTECAGNANO - FAIANO - Internal success for the Women's Pontecagnano which, for 3 and 1, liquidates the female Salernitana practice conquering it? the second seasonal success in the Italian Cup "Enel" of B. Despite the turn-over implemented by the technical Cocozza (Bertolini, Greco, France, Desiderio have left room for the second lines, ed) the team has clearly beaten the cousins ​​Salerno, redeeming so? the 3 to 0 suffered in the first leg. PONTECAGNANO FEMALE 3 ART'E 'FEMININE SALERNITANA 1 Pontecagnano F .: Radu, Polcari (78' Comite), Genovese G., Saints, Romano, Giordano, Stanzione, Rossi, Avagliano (70 'Izzo), Luongo (65' Iuliano) , Troisi. A disp .: Greco, Frencia, Concilio, Setaro. All .: Fabio Cocozza. Art '? Female Salernitana: Landi, Longo, Cammardella, Bracciante (61 'Coppola), Petrone, Afflitto, Olivieri (53' Marino), Bisogno, Esposito (71 'Alessio I.), De Cesare, Lisanti. Available: De Santis. All .: R. Saggese. Referee: Colucci di Avellino (Assistants: Albolino - Pane di Ercolano). Networks: 3 'and 88' Saints (P), 24 'Avagliano (P), 79' De Cesare (A). Notes: Sunny afternoon. Playground in good condition, 150 spectators around. (Ammonites: 23 'Cammardella (A), 34' Roman (P), 61 'Stanzione (P). Expelled to the 59 'Cammardella (A) and the 62' Stanzione (P), both for a double caution). Recovery: 3 pt + 3 st The match immediately began strong for the hosts who at 4 'took the lead with Santi who, on Luongo's cross, exploited the indecision of Afflitto and De Cesare and comfortably put behind Landi. The reaction of the Salernitana does not wait, but the trio of Need (6 ') is controlled by Radu. At 11 Luongo tries with a punishment of his but the shot? too high to worry Landi. At the 17 'good occasion of Salerno: beautiful action of the need that serves Lisanti on the left, which lets start a malicious shot that shaves the pole. The dolphins are not watching and the 19 'Landi must work overtime to oppose the beautiful conclusion of Troisi. The doubling of the Picentine? in the area and arrive at the 24 ': punishment from the left of Captain Luongo directed towards the Salerno area. In the middle is the small Avagliano that with its 160 centimeters stands out and heads the ball behind Landi. The reaction of the grenadines? entrusted, as always, to Alessandra Lisanti (class' 89) that at the edge of the area unleash a malicious shot, on which Radu is overcome deflecting angle. The first half ends with an excellent action of the Picentine: Luongo from the left, on a free kick, imbeces in the area the Saints, which pulls a shot but sure the pole denies the joy of the goal. In the second half the Pontecagnano is limited to managing the result while the Salernitana tries to make its way through the meshes of defense Picentine. At the 59 'the granatas remain in ten for the expulsion, for a double admonition, of Cammardella. The superiority? numerical of the Picentine does not last long. In fact, at the 62 ', Stanzione (tormented by the many fouls of the host defense) loses the calm and in 2 minutes is expelled by Coluccino. The game seems to turn quietly towards the end, but at the 34 'De Cesare, directly from the left out, mock Radu and shortens distances. The girls of Saggese, refreshed by the goal, pour forward looking for the same. At the 37 'I need Need with a shot at the intersection of the poles, but the former Radu is passed by denying the joy of the goal to his former partner. At the 42 'occasionissima for Salernitana: Coppola uses an ingenuity? of the Picentine defense and from the left out, it goes all alone towards Radu. Face to face with the goalkeeper Picentino 13 grenade pulls a shot into the door safe but the ball, providentially diverted from the pipelet home, carambola on the post before being sent out of the defense area in the blue shirt. The Pontecagnano is not going to suffer in the last minutes of the match and a minute later, at the 43 ', falls the tris: filtering passage Troisi for the evergreen Saints (37 years), which with a delicious lick Landi outgoing flipping closing cos ? definitely the race.
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