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It goes to the final seeds between the controversy TORINO vs 3 FLAME - 0 / FLORENCE vs TAVAGNACCO 3 - 1. Sunday the return that will proclaim the two finalists. For the game of the results of the other races and a questionable regulation the Friulians still re-qualify as the best loser, for the second consecutive time.According to the rules spread by the National Division it should have been Torres to qualify as the best loser of the final "fifths" (We had said that it was a crazy formula ...) because it had scored a greater number of networks (3 against 2) with equal net difference (-1 for both). But the rules have been changed in the course of work without any communication being given to the teams beforehand, so much so that even today on the Division's website the same old rules are published, which were officially in force to choose the best loser to qualify for the semi-finals. the photos of the match: Firenze vs Pink Sport Bari The Jewel Florence - Pink Sport Bari 4-0 (A: 3-1) Turin - Bardolino 5-0 (A: 0-1) Tavagnacco - Fiammamonza 2-1 (A: 0-1) Semifinals (Went Wednesday 20 / 6 Back Sunday 24 / 6) Gioiello Florence - Tavagnacco 3 - 1 Torino - Fiammamonza 3 - 0 The final race of the Primavera Championship will be held Saturday 30 June in Friuli Venezia Giulia, at the municipal stadium of Gradisca di Isonzo (Go).
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