Friday, November 15 2019
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Today the first leg of the quarter-finals of the spring championship was played. These are the results. BARDOLINO - TORINO 1 - 0 PINK SPORT BARI - FLORENCE 1-3 FIAMMAMZA - TAVAGNACCO 1-0 In the details the tabellini. The comments of the matches sent by the companies are in the Primavera area PC SISTEMI BARDOLINO 1 TORINO 0 Bardolino: Mazzurana, Filippozzi, Baroni, Vivirito, Giannachi, Rodella, Rizzo (12 'St. Mascanzoni), Crivellaro, Manzoni, Girelli, Franceschetti (28 'St Small). All. Vanoni. Turin: Serafino, Ranieri, Cantoro, Coluccio, Spanu (8 'St. Pisano), Lettieri, Gueli, Franco (44' St Repetto), Bonansea (8 'St Giorgis), Giuliano, Moretti (24' St. Rubino ). All. Panigari. Referee: Andrea Zuliani from Vicenza. Network: 18 'st. Girelli. Notes: Land in perfect condition, very hot and muggy day, spectators about 100. Ammonita Girelli. 2 - 6 corners. Recovery 1 and 3 minutes. FIAMMAMZA - TAVAGNACCO 1-0 (0-0) FLAMMAIL: Ferraro, Gresia (72 'Missaglia), Mugavero (60' Cereda), Zambetti (70 'Marquis), Gagliardi, Confalonieri, Scolaro, Franchin, Vinci, Piccini (26' Ravasi), Palmieri (65 'Nardi). All. Gianluca Ciofi (Bruno, Mariani) TAVAGNACCO: Buiatti (46 'Mareschi), Fontoni, Chiarvesio, Lorenzi, Gama, Simeoni, Martino (71' Zuliani), Stabile, Mauro, Angioletti (58 'Pezzarini), Ilic (78' Di Rienzo). All. Eros Cossaro (Vinazza, Cucchiaro). REFEREE: Zanon di Seregno. NETWORKS: 80 'Win. NOTES: Land in good condition, 150 viewers around. Ammonite Vinci (F). 4 corner kicks at 1 for Tavagnacco. Recovery 5 '(1' + 4 '). PINK SPORT BARI - FLORENCE 1 - 3 from the site of Firenze Vittoria important, away, for the spring team that stands out for 1-3 (nets at 20 'of Patu at 23' by Talanti for lilies, at 26 'of Rogation and at the 55 'still of Patu). Sunday at 16.30 the return to Florence. This is the formation of the viola: Leoni I. (73 'Strada), Magni, Nannelli (66' Baldini), Leprini, Pitzus, Bruno, Manetti, Patu, Talanti (79 'Binazzi), Parrini, Rizzo (69' Food) - ALL. Massimo Del Bimbo
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