Saturday, 25 January 2020
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LAZIO IS COMMITTED ON THE PIEDMONT AND THE TOURNAMENT OF REGIONS FOR REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE IS AWARDED. article taken from the site Mister Rossi brings Lazio in the history of women's football going to win the highest national competition for amateur representatives. In the final the girls Laziali have had the best on Piedmont playing a game without smudge in which the Piedmont has exploited the only inattention of a defense that has proved solidissima.I first minutes are studying and it is the Piedmont to appear on the side of De Michele with two set pieces. The first at the 4 'with Fossati who shoots very high and the second with Melillo touching the post to the right of the Lazio goalkeeper. The first clear opportunity on the action is the home team with Rizzy that slips into the area on the left and kicks to the net by hitting the post to the left of Bosticardo. The central phase of the first fraction sees the two teams quite guarded and the game seems to live a tired phase. Rizzato thinks of the enthusiasm of the large audience present at 32 '.. he gets punctual on the second post when Macchiusi kicks a corner into the area and leads his team in the lead with a shot that goes under the crossbar. Piedmont reacts to the 38 'with Mazzucchetti fleeing on the right wing on the second pole where Melillo is placed that test sends the ball over the cross from favorable position. Lazio is alive and at 40 dangerously looks forward with a cross-shot of Nagni that Bosticardo raises in the corner. At 42 'Piedmont equalized with Selinunte who found the right place in the area and after having won the rebound with De Michele deposited the ball in the door now unguarded. At the end Lazio returns with a free-kick by Macchiusi Bosticardo badly rejects Nagni from the small area of ​​the head slips the ball into the net. The second half traces more or less the first with the rather buttoned teams and the defenses that are able to easily control the opposing raids. At the 63 'is Nagni to try from the edge with a shot too central that Asteggiano blocks without difficulty. The Piedmont presses forward sending high balls in the area on which the goalkeeper De Michele always manages to get the better of the opponents. The Lazio has in the rapidity of the advanced department the best weapon and the 79 'touches the goal that could extinguish the remaining hopes of the opponents, but Novelli at the time of shooting is anticipated by a whisker from Lomazzi. Piedmont sees the goal fade and the 86 'is the force of desperation to push Bevilacqua to an improbable conclusion from outside that does not worry De Michele. At the 92 'is still the Piedmontese team to look for the goal with De Paoli who in the right-angle area kicked to the side and enshrines the triumph of Lazio. In the comment we can certainly say that the representative of the Piedmont has appeared less incisive rather than in previous performances, but all this is also due to the goodness of the defense that throughout the event has only collected the current network of Selinunte. Lazio triumph at home and enter the history of women's football, succeeding the titled Lombardy. THE DOPOGARA Rossi (Lazio): We played a great game against one of the best national teams. We have from ours the fact of having won first against Lombardy then against Piedmont, the two best teams ever for women. Now we enjoy this well-deserved victory and hopefully serve as a tow for the women's movement by bringing many girls to football schools. They are really a good team, but we were well organized also because we certainly have a very good group, both from a technical and a character point of view. Today we did not do anything wrong, we had a very solid defense, a very young and dynamic midfield and then forward two points of undoubted technical skills that are among the best at a national level. We dedicate this victory to President Zarelli who has always been sensitive to women's football and to our manager Vincenzo Calzolai. De Caroli (Piedmont): They played well and they closed the spaces well, while we may have suffered too much the tension of the match and we were not as bright as usual. In the second half I tried to change something forward, but I did not have the fruits I was hoping for. These races are decided by episodes and they have been good at making the most of their opportunities, while we have wasted a bit 'too much. Congratulations to Lazio who deserved the victory and who had much more determination than us. (angelo capobianco) [img] [/ img] Piedmont - Tuscany 2-1 Piedmont: Dare 6.5, Fossati 6.5, Bevilacqua 6.5, Bozzalla 6.5 8 from 1 'st Rossetti 6.5), Morino 6.5, Giraudo 6.5 (from 10 'st Lomazzi 6.5), Melillo 6.5, Secchi 6.5 (from 1' st Mazzettes 6.5), De Paoli 7.5 (from 35 'st Orlandin sv), Veia 6.5, Vallauri 6.5 (from 20 'st Zampieri 6.5). All. Mr. De Caroli 7 A disp.:Bosticardo, Selinunte, Lovera Toscana: Griffins 5.5, Baldi 6 (from 13 'ST Doni 6), Biancalana 6, Borri 6, Giatras 6.5, Giovanchelli 5, Lucarini 6.5, Marcucci 5.5 (from 31 'st Caucci 5.5), Pacini 6, Pancotto 5.5 (from 1' st Genua 6) All. Mr.: Maniscalco 6 A disp .: Donzelli, Certo, Ercoli, Pacini, Pennacchia, Torrini. Referee: Assisi of Rome 2. 6.5 vote. Assistants Gurino and Sentice di Frattamaggiore Scorers: 13 'pt on rig Lucarini (T), 6' st and 21 'st De Paoli (P) Notes: Angles 2-3. Expelled at 25 'st Giovanchelli (T) for a second yellow card. Recover 1 'pt and 4' st. LAZIO - LOMBARDY 1-0 Lazio: Of Michele 6.5, Colini 6 (30'Boccia 7), Galassi 6.5 (70'Moretti 6.5), Silvestri 6.5, Trani 7.5, Lucci 6.5, Luconi 6 (24'Lorè 6) (46 ' Petrelli 6.5), Macchiusi 7, Mancini 5, Nagni 7, Novelli 6 (46'Rizzato 7.5) to disp: Crossbow, Abbruzzino, Di Pietro, Purified All: Rossi 8 Lombardia: 6 wheel, Bosisio 7, Cernoia 6, De Carli, Demiuri 6 (52'Fodri 6), Frigeni, Ghisini 6 (74'Anelli sv), Lacchini 6 (66'Lazzari 6), Papadato, Tolda, Volonterio at disp: Chiggio, Giosuele, Clerici, Perani, Seveso, Ungari All: Cristi 6 Referee: Aloisi of Avezzano Assistants: Cozzolino of Herculaneum, Spagnuolo of Chieti Markers: 71 'Rizzato Notes: expelled to the 20' Mancini (Lazio) for having kicked an opponent. LAZIO 3 CAMPANIA 0 Lazio: Di Michele 6.5, Bowl 7 (50 'Silvestri 6.5), Colini 6.5, Trani 7, Galassi 7, Lucci 6.5, Macchiusi 6.5, Mancini 6.5 (71' Di Pietro 6.5), Novelli 6.5 (81 'Purified sv), Nagni 8 (78 'Petrelli sv), Rizzato 7.5 (46' Abbruzzino 6) to disp: Balestra, Lorè, Luconi, Moretti All: Rossi Campania: Ferrara S. 5.5, Picardi 6 (46 'Roman 6), Sica 6, Ferrara V. 5.5 (46'Masillo 6), Taddeo 6, Oliviero 5.5, Barbarini 6 (46 'The Ferrara 6), Del Prix 6.5, Mastronzo 6 (46' Castagnozzi 6), Pengue 7, Rapano 6.5 available: Lofferdo, Pellegrino, Tucillo , Chianese Celinto All: Rienzi Referee: Ferrone Marco sec. L'Aquila vote 6.5 Assistants: Cardarelli Fabio sec. L'Aquila - Lattanzi Berardino section L'Aquila Markers: 23 'Rizzato, 48 pt and 77 'Nagni SICILY 2 TUSCANY 1 Sicily: Xmumx ties, 6,5 tights, Belmonte 7, Bonanno 6,5, Buggea F.6 (from 6,5 st Marfia sv), Buggea R. 7, Cerruto 7,5, Monaco 6, Marquee 7,5, Best 6, Riella 6. Available Galizzi, Garofalo, Intravaia, Sabella, Marfia, Riopi, Staiti, Tripoli. All. sig.Gurrisi Toscana: Grifoni 5, Baldi 5, Biancalana 5,5 (from 39 ° st Panicucci sv), Borri 5, Sure 5 (from 27 ° st Torrini 5,5), Ercoli 6 (from 20 ° st Pancotto 6), Giatras 5, Lucarini 6,5, Marcucci 5, Pacini F. 5 (from 31 ° st Giovancelli 5), Pacini V.5. Available Caucci, Doni, Donzelli, Pennacchia, Torrini. All. Mr. Maniscalco. Referee: Miss Farinelli of Tivoli, 7 vote Assistants: Grisci D. and Grisci M. of Tivoli. Markers: 14 ° Marchese (S.), 35 ° Lucarini (T.), 5 ° st Cerruto (S.) Ammonite: Sure, Giatras, Lucarini (T.), Buggea F. (S.) 1 ° day - today GROUP A: Campania - Lombardia 0-3 GIRONE B: Sicily - Piedmont 2-5 2 ° day - 6 June GIRONE A: Campania - Lazio 0 - 3 (Stadio Comunale di Pomezia) ROAD B : Sicily - Tuscany 2 - 1 (Stadium "Selva dei Pini" of Pomezia) 3 ° day - 7 June GIRONE A: Lazio - Lombardia 1 - 0 (Stadio Comunale di Pomezia) GROUP B: Tuscany - Piemonte 1 - 2 (Stadium " Selva dei Pini "di Pomezia) FINALE - 9 June hours 10.00 LAZIO - PIEMONTE 2 - 1 (Stadio Comunale di Pomezia)
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