Saturday, 25 January 2020
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The point on national championships

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The point on national championships Sunday 20 May all the national championships have been concluded. BARDOLINO VERONA CHAMPION OF ITALY in advance celebrates the 2 ° Scudetto after an exciting season and prepares to face the European stage again. They go up in series A, Riozzese and Trento. The first in a few years has passed from the regional series to the top series proving to have some numbers, at least on the field. Trento is a well-known company with an excellent corporate organization and experience. Promoted in A2, Brescia, Francavilla, Rome and Cervia while the playoff between Vintl and Campagna will have to wait. Our editorial team wishes satisfaction to all the promoted also for the future in the higher categories! To highlight the maximum sportiness that reigns in women's football. In these last days all the teams have honored the championship without favoritism towards anyone! This is the sport that I like to see on the sports fields, this is a principle that distinguishes women's football! A special applause to Fiammamonza and Reggiana. Retromedes Portomantovano and Vigor Senigallia. Vigor Senigallia disappoints in every respect. A staff from early 5 ranking places that for the usual problems manages to distort the championship and to retreat. We hope that these episodes will no longer occur. Unfortunately, the problems did not leave Portomantovano out of the relegation. But also other companies could not finish the championship with the full staff or in any case did not play all the matches with the due spirit. I'm only sorry for those companies that for years have behaved seriously and respectful to the agreements made and therefore bound to low ranking positions. But are we sure that these problems can not be avoided? The Serie A championship was also shaken by regulations invented at the time for the National stages of the Primavera tournament. Is it possible that the regulations are not clear at the beginning of the year? NOIF items that are excluded ... Teams that do not know whether to do the extra or go immediately to the penalties .. For many reasons it was hard for me to follow the whole championship, I am disappointed and stupid by the usual improvisation and little professionalism. In this regard, I naturally think: PROFESSIONALITY YES! BUT ONLY WHEN DOES YOU COMFORTABLE? We forget all too often that these girls are amateurs, who study, who have state exams, who work? why are not these situations taken into account? Or do we not do more to put them in a position to do full-time footballers? but we do not claim from them or from those who go around the feminine maximum professionalism if it is not given primarily by those in duty! Let's not forget the vicissitudes of the Italian Cup last year and the Italy Woman's Cup (this year was not organized) In those events the athletes were asked to be professional to improve the movement, but who participated in those events was found very little professionalism especially in the organization of the Italian Cup. So I say ... let's decide! professional or amateur? Why do not we start to make a selection of companies that participate or would like to participate in the national championships and avoid unpleasant surprises for everyone? Why encourage companies to rise in the national categories and weaken the regional championships when there is also a lack of organization, mentality and financial structures? Among the companies that have conquered the A2 series, Brescia and Cervia stand out. Societies known for their past that enjoy excellent organization. Less well known but come to the fore in this championship the Francavilla of Caramia and Rome which is said to be very good for organization and aspirations. It remains to wait for the 5 team promoted between the young Vintl and Campagna contenders. B teams that have dominated their regional championships with great ambitions and motivations rise in B. Walter Pettinati
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