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It will be the promotion in A2 there at a whisker for a couple of days or a very questionable regulation on the matter, fact that in order to celebrate "OFFICIALLY" the A2 we will have to wait "1" again. Yes, because as is clear from the art. 51 Comma 3 of the NOIF issued by the FIGC "At the end of each championship, in the event of a tie between two teams, the competing sporting title is assigned by a tie-off to be carried out competition is assigned by a tie-off to be carried out on the basis of a single race in the neutral field, with any extra time and penalty kicks .. "Nothing is said on the standings outright, on direct clashes, goal difference etc .. In handing the due excuses for a" lightness "committed in good faith, wishing, however, it is only a postponement of the official celebrations of a couple of weeks, the company is therefore to communicate that as per regulation the A2 series promotion is not yet mathematical as erroneously reported on its website and on the press.
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