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06-07 promotions

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ASI MONZA IN SERIES B the ASI Monza, with a day in advance at the end of the championship, got the promotion in Serie B. by Silvia Cannata The training led by the Danish technician Ulla Bastrup, obtained the second promotion in two years, after that from the series D to the series C in the 2005. The path of the Monza team in group A of series C was overwhelming. In the lead from the first to the last day, the gray-blue have lost only once on the field in twenty-nine matches played (to which is added the incredible defeat at the table with the Azzurre following an appeal), graduating best defense of the league (twenty three networks conceded) and better attack (well seventy-three goals scored). The Asi can be considered the undisputed queen of the championship.

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Vis Francavilla wins the A2 series Chronicle of a day with Maria Caramia by Claudia Finizio. They've been talking about it for months, everyone has expressed their opinion on an unstoppable team, a compact group, an infallible union ... the more the days went on, the more the comments on the Vis increased. Everyone has tried, not a team has not committed to defeat them, all have put the maximum effort, primarily the Domoconfort, Salento training eternal pursuer of an unattainable Francavilla. Face to face started even before the Championship started, during the early stages of the Italian Cup. Already there the training led by Angelo Passaro has proved to be in perfect shape and wanting to play a decent championship, aiming for a quiet salvation, half ranking, without too many thoughts, nor too many fears. The epilogue of this fantastic sporting tale is known to all, the Vis Francavilla gains access to A2 with three days in advance and a distinct departure from the now resigned Domoconfort. The winners of this championship, executives, players and public have the great merit of having led, for the time being, the formation of Brindisi in A2 and to have played a championship worthy of the great teams of high levels, but all of them have had especially honor and pride and the extreme satisfaction of having seen wearing the Francavilla shirt from the Apulian star, the one who is making so much talk about herself, the unstoppable and inimitable Maria Caramia!

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Domina Neapolis conquers the B series With the victory on the last day of the championship against Salerno soccer, an exciting season full of successes of the CF DOMINA NEAPOLIS. The numbers are truly impressive, 18 matches, 16 Wins, 2 Draws and 0 Defeats with 61 goals scored and only 5 suffered. A sign of supremacy and a domination in the regional championship, evident and under the eyes of all the insiders. Yesterday, at the municipal of casalnuovo, a season has come to a close, from a careful planning a constant choice of athletes and management, and during 3 years has seen birth, grow and become a reference point as a model, a young company. Winning this season the regional series C championship, it was not easy, indeed. The favorite suits are ..

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