Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Mozzanica in A2

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Resounding: Mozzanica in A2. The other day in the pretty town of the lower Bergamo this was the theme most popular among ordinary people. The girls of President Luigi Sarsilli rise to the upper category joining forces with another Bergamo company, or Aurora Bergamo. Very recent agreement reached after a few weeks of negotiations where the rumors were chasing each other continuously without finding any confirmation in this regard. Now it's official: Mozzanica and Aurora Bergamo are joined by "giving birth" to the ASD Amateur Sports Association Mozzanica, of which Luigi Sarsilli is elected as president. The idea of ​​an eventual union was born from the number one of the Mozzanica, subsequently finding the president of the Aurora Anna Maria Ratti (now with other positions at the Mozzanica court), who, before deciding, has rightly examined the points of the agreement and possible developments concerning the future. Unity is strength, so this marriage .. Luciano Bachetti allows the Asd Mozzanica to be able to operate in a more incisive way within the female world because the company itself at this point benefits from a very large rose where it can afford to "select" the players. Asd Mozzanica will present itself at the start of next season with three formations: one in A2, one in the Primavera National Championship; last but not least, there will be the regional Giovanissime. The coach of the first team remains the reconfirmed Alessandro Mondini. On the evening of the 3 August teams will be presented, all in the frame of the castle of Castel Gabbiano, province of Cremona, a stone's throw from Mozzanica. The country is in delirium, Mozzanica in A2, the dream has come true and, knowing the leadership, the beauty comes now. The president of Asd Mozzanica Luigi Sarsilli is visibly satisfied with the agreement reached. «I would have enjoyed this change of category if it had matured in the field, however, given what has been implemented by the team in recent seasons, we deserve to arrive in A2. Recently the Mozzanica has obtained two consecutive second places in series B, the same ones have closed the doors to the superior category ». In six years of life the Mozzanica has passed from D to A2: obviously in this place we work with criterion. "We managers are very tied to women's football, for this reason our attention is also addressed to militant girls in Spring and Youth. Our Primavera has earned among other things the second position in the discipline cup ". «A goal sought and achieved, enthusiasm is high». The diesse Italo Lingiardi focuses on the theme of the day, then directing the thought on the immediate future. "We are moving on the market. We are mainly looking for goalkeeper, defender and striker. Something has already moved, until I get the certainty I prefer to avoid identity. I can only say that the Asd Mozzanica will participate in the championship A2 without wanting to make a simple appearance. We want to set up a rose that can also be well represented in the difficult championship A2 ». Meanwhile, the village of the lower Bergamo is celebrating. Thanks to the support of Aurora Bergamo, the Mozzanica celebrates an historic milestone: Mozzanica in A2 Luciano Bachetti
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