Rovezzano - Alessandria 1-1

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REHEME IN A2, ALEXANDRIA IN B The acf alexandria season ended bitterly, with the bitter relegation in Serie B. The last 90 minutes of the season were the photograph of the whole unlucky year. It also served a bit of luck to overturn the 2 1 home that did not arrive after a game that was played on a single door and saw the home goalkeeper as best on the field. There is the regret, therefore, for a salvation thrown away first from April on the Sicilian fields, and then in the first match played to the Cattaneo of the playoff. After the disappointment, however, the company is already working to build a competitive team for the series B, following the example of this year's Brescia. Within a couple of weeks, the first market moves that will constitute the 2007 / 2008 team led by Mr. Granaglia will be realized. A coach who wants to give back enthusiasm and desire to do well to an environment that has tremendous need. Now, however, space to the holidays to recharge the batteries in view of a new season that, this year, should anticipate its beginning. In fact, since the first meeting, it seems that the championship should start in September. Waiting for the new season, the company wishes its athletes, its managers and their fans, happy holidays!
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