Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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As I write from the opening page of my PC plays the music without words of a song by Queen (the one that is addressed to the champion friends, so to speak) ... I raise the volume because, despite being a song some time ago, describes fully the emotion and the great feeling of pride and joy in knowing that the event finally took place: THE MODERN FEMALE SOCCER TEAM IS IN SERIES B! And the music comes from the site of the girls and if a smile escapes a smile is not ridicule, indeed: we hoped, we dreamed, we talked about it, we believed, but only now that the goal has been reached we make ourselves I realize I really did something big and important. It's not just the fact that a football final was won, it's not just about the joy of having a team like Club Stadium beaten up, it's not just the impressive 3-0 result, but there's a lot, a lot , much more: females have played football showing that they have character, team spirit, harmony, unity; from the first to the last training before the fateful match, the desire to do well and even better because among women we know: there is always something more that triggers, like an impulse that leads far and makes you dream. The girls of Modica have dreamed and made us dream ... For those who want to know more you can consult the team site and I challenge anyone not to smile as soon as they start the preview music, a melody that seems to welcome in a world apart, as if it were the planet of euphoria, where the letter B has a completely different meaning, similar to the taste of World Cup victory last summer. On the first page of the ASD website CF Modica there are those who have found the right words to tell the incident: The markings open a missile tip of Silvana Cicero, a blow so strong that folds the hands of the goalkeeper. None of the two teams stops, however, the race is one of those true, worthy of a final. Both Club Stadium and we give life to a very nice and busy match, reversals in front and beautiful actions (we point out a beautiful action by Federica Cerruto that raises over the crossbar a spoon that if it went inside was a film library). Thus ends the first half with the minimum but most precious advantage. The game is always on the tracks of uncertainty, just a goal and start again, corner kick and comes the head of Serena Macauda who gives us the 2 0! My God, what a trepidation! But here is a penalty in our favor, beats Federica Cerruto: goooooool !!!! There's really not much ... but when the referee whistles ??? Here !!!!! Immediately after the victory last Sunday the team returned to Modica, bursting the party, parading through the streets of the center and making as much noise as possible, exalting and venting joy, ripping with enthusiasm the emblazoned and apathetic atmosphere of the " he passed "on the Modican Sunday. The people "upset" and amazed were watching them go by, but upset of what? In a city of about 50.000 inhabitants, just after the administrative elections a little 'Lo famo strano' style by Carlo Verdone, one should be upset about something else and instead realize that the change is taking place. The rossoblu wave has overwhelmed and, even if they have not paraded on an open bus as happened to AC Milan after the last victory in Athens, even if there were no mega celebrations in Milan, even if the reception was not regal, but almost ignorant (in the sense that he was unaware of the girls' football activity), the victory was intense, feverish, the supporters fans praised the girls, their path goes on and teaches before anything that the mental schemes can be abolished, that there are no preconceptions in front of a ball kicked by a female foot. And the girls of Modica have shown up to the last drop of sweat, without losing heart and inciting each other during the game. Femininity, sensuality, delicacy in gestures and words, sweetness, tenderness, determination, strength of character, charisma are all qualities that distinguish women outside a football field, but also inside during a match and we must dispel the commonplace that women who play football like women are not very fair, let's say so. There are women wives, mothers, workers in various sectors, unmarried, etc., but at the center of everything there are women with a passion: football. For those who may have lost the thread of the speech: Modica has its women's soccer team in Serie B! Technique, passion, understanding: three elements of this beautiful football victory. We are world champions with the national team, champions of Europe with Milan, champions, indeed champions of strength with the girls of ASD Modica women's soccer: three successes and the combination is not risky, believe me. Surely the money is different, the prestige of the championship and the prospects are not the same for the three realities (National, Milan and CF Modica), but the spirit of competition, the ambitious desire to win and the joy of the result obtained have almost the same taste and if you stop to think that women also play football, spit on the field actions, touches of the ball, remittances, punishments, penalties, fall, sweat, smile, give the hand to the opponents as a sign of respect, run, attack, defend, etc., the news that Modica has its women's soccer team even in Serie B is news that it makes noise because something is changing in the sporting scenario for too long of male domination. Not only the boys are good at playing football and they understand football: even legs just shaved and a head with hair tied to tail or short can demonstrate intelligence, agility, physical strength and great sporting enthusiasm. It is encouragement that embraces all women involved in all sports, of course ... We do not call them just "the girls of football", but directly the "kickers" because of this it is, without envying nothing to fellow men, indeed perhaps there is something to learn to see them play. We must continue the journey, step by step, hold on and laugh, without taking it seriously, but taking seriously only the football team that plays football: excuse the pun, but it is a provocation served on a silver platter or rather on a synthetic grass field, since for the "natural" green fields there are not yet prepared ... Good game, good victory, good result: someone is still at the stadium last Sunday to applaud one of the actions of the phenomenon ASD Modica Women's Football. NAUSICA ZOCCO IMG PRESS - THE ELECTRONIC SHEET See the site
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