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Graphistudio Campaign in A2 Beating the Vintl in the play-off and winning the A2 series. A magical Sunday for the Graphistudio Campagna Graphistudio Campaign - Vintl 1 at 0: and it is a promotion for the Maniago community! In fact, for the Friulian line-up this afternoon, in the San Bonifacio camp, it has beaten the other contender to the title of group B winner, the Vintl, and made the dream of a whole season come true: the move to the category A2. A milestone without precedent in the history of the Friulian society, achieved with so much sacrifice and a lot of constancy on the part of everyone, but which in the end gave an immense joy to the Graphsitudio Campagna, which now only thinks of celebrating this long-awaited moment. The start of the game begins under the sign of Graphistudio Campagna that, at the 3 ', already gives the first thrill to the opposing rearguard with a close-range conclusion by Paoletti, parade though, by the number one Krautgartner. Change of front and, at the 16 ', is the South Tyrolean Leoni, today in great shape to seek the advantage, but Miani disagrees and rejects diving. After twenty minutes of substantial balance, it is the Vintl that gains precious meters and often undermines the area of ​​Miani, but it fails to hit the goal mirror. In the second half, Graphistudio took the field with the precise intention of grabbing the victory and, at the 12 ', Delli Zotti came close to the advantage with a shot from the edge which, however, was printed on the crossbar. The goal of the Maniago success comes at the 20 ': a cross by Di Bernardo serving José, who, thanks to a wrong exit from Krautgartner, deflects the ball into the net. As expected, the remaining minutes are a South Tyrolean assault in the Maniago area. Untold minutes of tension due to red fury, but managed with great concentration and maturity. At the triple whistle of the referee, however, all the fears dissolve in the wind and the joy of the Graphistudio Campagna finally makes the party explode. "This is a dream and the joy we feel is indescribable," commented the President of Graphistudio Campagna, Antonello Colle, who goes on to say - I dedicate the victory above all to our sponsor, Graphistudio, and to one of our players, Roberta Pezzutti , to wish her a speedy recovery ". GRAPHISTUDIO 1 COUNTRYSIDE VINTL 0 GRAPHISTUDIO COUNTRYSIDE: Miani, Colle, Marchiò, Marcon (Piccinin), Pizzin, Del Fabbro (Di Bernardo), Salvestrin, Sedonati, Delli Zotti, Josè, Paoletti (Fabbro). Herds Chiara Fonzari VINTL: Krautgartner, Schwinyshackl, Girardelli, Leoni, Steiner, Steinhauser, Warger, Frasnelli (Amplatz), Tonelli, Steinmayr, Lechner. Herds Maurinho Ernandes REFEREE: Piccoli di Verona MARKERS: In the second half, at 20 'Josè
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