Trento in Serie A

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Trento in Serie A The female football Trento has managed to achieve its goal by crowning a dream chased by several seasons. Starting from the regional championship, the Trentino girls have managed to enter with force in football that counts with a climb worthy of the great champions. As a coach I have always asked a lot of my group trying to inculcate a professional mentality even when playing in the regional championships, trying in this way to prepare a fertile ground for the growth of this movement. In these years in collaboration with the company we made a big selection looking for motivated and determined girls to the detriment of maybe football stars that could generate problems within the locker room. Not all the girls passed through Trento wanted or wished to marry our mentality and for this some have preferred quieter beaches where the sport was not put in first place and was lived with a superficiality not acceptable at certain levels. Without any doubt, it is necessary to have courage in leaving football girls at home, but in this I was supported and understood by my company that has always made me work giving me maximum confidence. The psychological part in women's football has a strategic importance and the success with the right motivations to "bring out" the best part of each girl was the first goal of the Trento staff. The championship ended a few days ago, but the Trento machine is already on the move to be able to shape a training suitable for the commitment that will await us next year. The Trento will resume training with the first of July and meanwhile the girls can enjoy a well-deserved rest
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