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Last Sunday, due to some miscalculation, the anticipated celebrations for the A2 series conquest. Yesterday, thanks to the clear victory over Alghero the mathematical certainty of the promotion and the irrepressible party, even more beautiful because at home and in front of the public of great occasions. In the match against the Sardaa team, Ilaria Rivola's team once again demonstrates the clear superiority in the Serie B championship, a tournament dominated thanks to the technique and grit of Gritti and her companions, always superior in terms of play and athletic condition. The excellent preparation was served in the match against Alghero dominated by swallows and an unusual heat for the month of May. The formation of Soriga arrives in Brescia with the counted players, one reserve on the bench, and does not waste too much, aware of the quiet salvation already reached. The Brescians instead enter the field determined to close the championship and give the warm and hot supporters a great race. Vezzoli opens the dances at the 6 'with a nice shot that is however deflected for a corner. Two minutes later, Oberlechner puts a perfect cross in the area, but finds no partner ready to receive. Brescia continues to insist while Alghero tries in vain to leave its own half. At the quarter hour, Previtali offers an excellent cross to Gritti who stops well from the front but then hits the ball badly, sending him high over the crossbar. But the goal is around the corner and in fact at 17 'Previtali, launched by Oberlechner, is alone in front of the goalkeeper signing the goal that is worth the deserved advantage. Training Sarda, unable to react to the crackling start of Brescia, tries to look out at the door of Cavagna, which calls into question is ready. But the girls from Rivola still set the pace: at the 25 'Gritti started alone on the right wing, discarded two opponents and put Calvisi in front of the goal with a perfect low shot, marking the 13ma personal network and the 2 at 0 of the match . At half an hour the n.9 is still dangerous on the rival rival's rebound which punches a dangerous cross from Oberlechner with his fists, but the conclusion ends high over the crossbar. The last missed opportunity for Brscia is at the 39 'of the pt and carries the signature of the couple Oberlechner Previtali, by far the best in the field. In the last minutes of the first fraction the game drags on slowly due to the great heat and the many energies spent. When everyone is waiting for the referee's whistle, the race director grants 1 'recovery and the unthinkable happens. Bonzanni, in the easy attempt to anticipate Soriga, surprises Cavagna instead and scores an own goal. The confusion that this unexpected network generates is felt even in the first minutes of the week, when the girls of Brescia appear distracted and nervous. At the 15 'Pietracci the first yellow card of the day for hand ball and grants a dangerous punishment to the limit to the Alghero that doesn't know how to take advantage of the opportunity. Game finds it hard to take off until the 27 'when, the usual Previtali serves the newly hired Busi who sees her conclusion deflected for a corner. The goal that blows the race arrives at the 30 'and still bears the signature of Previtali which brings 15 the number of goals scored this season. The class' 83 player is served by captain Dapor, chest and position the ball in the left corner where Calvisi cannot reach. Rivola sees the target nearby and closes the ranks, first replacing Gamba with Signoreli and then Previtali with Madaschi. The 90 'is coming and there is space for the blue-white party. Finally the A2 Series is reality
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