Sunday, March 29 2020
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Serie A


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MONZA - After two weeks of forced break, the Atalanta's path resumed with a draw, that in the home of the Italian champions of Fiammamonza dispute a good race, shrewd in defense and with interesting offensive cues, getting that point that allows her to stay in the high area of ​​the standings and to stay in touch with the same team brianzola. Zonca's team, who chose Zizioli and Gozzi in midfield and the Nespoli on the left, with the consequent initial exclusion of Spini, started the determined game, with a slight dominance in the middle of the field but it was extinguished in the last twenty meters. The first real opportunity was still in the 35 ', when Mangili, after an exchange on the right, entered the area, and served in the center area for Scarpellini, but the ball was missing from a good position. The landlords responded shortly afterwards, but Murelli's shot from a distance was well controlled by Gritti. Certainly more lively the second time, with a more aggressive and determined Fiammamonza, despite Atalanta responds blow to blow to local initiatives: first D'Adda sought the conclusion from the limit, going close to scoring with a shaven that lapped the post, after a few minutes was Mangili, launched a network, to suffer the return of the excellent Rivolta, who, with a little 'trade, managed to stop the striker Inter.



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"Abracadabra Ciardelli and Agliana concretizes its superiority" Second consecutive victory; the third in the league, and Agliana rises in the standings. The lower areas of the ranking are now the responsibility of Vigor Senigallia, Florence and Portomantovano and Di Costanzo & co. undermine the eighth place of Reggina next opponent in the direct clash. The Agliana expresses itself on good levels of play but only at 79 'manages to realize its superiority with Ciardelli. Abracadabra of the "9" number and the neroverdi are brought to the definitive 2-1. AGLIANA. Just enough time to accommodate the spectators and the Aglianesi strike. Remake of the going but backward. Del Prete, who had given the draw in Friuli at the end, opened the scoring. Central punishment from outside the area, the 11 number kicks and deceives. Buiatti badly calculates the trajectory and collects. At the 15 'neroverdi would also have the opportunity to wave the "two of spades" to Gialloblù but this time the number "1" guest redeems himself and steals the ball to Ciardelli launched to the network.

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PUIANELLO (RE) - The female Atalanta, with a great performance on the field of Reggiana, captures a success that was missing for more than a month and relaunched strongly in the standings, distancing the formation that grenade trying to hook. It was said that we had to start from the second half of Agliana, where the Bergamo had tried to recover the double disadvantage, only stopped by bad luck and the goalkeeper, and so it was. The Nerazzurri, who for the occasion revolutionized the advanced department with respect to expectations, with the exclusion of Spini and Franchina from the starting eleven, immediately proved to be particularly aggressive .. from FEMALE ATALANTA PRESS OFFICE Photo: Andrea Scarpellini

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Milan - Turin 2-2 (1-1)

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The recovery of the second day of return ends with a draw, postponed last month for the events in Catania, between Milan and Turin. A draw of which the Rossoneri seem very happy at the end of the game, even against the three shots in total goal, while on the shore grenade makes the feeling of having lost the opportunity to continue to pursue the title of Italian champions. The recovery of the second day of return ends with a draw, postponed last month for the events in Catania, between Milan and Turin. A draw of which the Rossoneri seem very happy at the end of the game, even against the three shots in total goal, while on the shore grenade makes the feeling of having lost the opportunity to continue to pursue the title of Italian champions. in the picture: Silvia Fuselli

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Il Gioiello Firenze gives in to the leaders BARDOLINO (Vr) - At the Belvedere stadium in Calmasino, Gioiello Firenze loses 3-1 with the leaders Bardolino of the stars (five of the major national team and two of the Under 19), even if a little tarnished after having caressed the dream to take away a point. In the Jewel there is not from the beginning Olga Gori, held in Serbian by Ciolli as "surprise card". Bardolino instead in training type. The first half closes on 1-0 for the landlords by virtue of the only really clear goal opportunity happened on the feet of the yellow: the 22 'on a corner kick contested by the player of the national team Boni, is the Panic blue ram that, left a little too much alone, chooses the time for the deadlift and places the ball at mid-height with immobile Lions. Florence has the golden opportunity for a draw in the final minutes: the defender Elena Bruno is in the face-to-face with the goalkeeper Brunozzi, a confident blow but the National defender makes the miracle and sends the crossbar. And yes that the viola were playing with the right look, with the 4-4-2 deployed by Ciolli (with Colzi and Barreca in front, good to act as a reference point) and had manned the opposing midfield in the opening minutes supported by everything the midfield. in the picture: Alia Guagni

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WITH THE PORTO MANTOVANO A VERY GOOD START, THEN THE TEAM GROWS AND DILAGA MONZA - The catharsis of the biancorosse continues, after the clear affirmation on the Tavagnacco the Fiammamonza gets another three points winning wide against the taillight Porto Mantovano and consolidates its position of third strength of the championship. Start uncertain of the Brianza that for about twenty minutes appear abulic and little in the game. Many errors free and race a lot ugly. The result is released on set piece; Marchitelli surprises on his pole from the twenty meters and guests with a spectacular advantage. The Porto s'inebria and touches the doubling with Placchi that sends the ball out of a breath to the 11 '. The passage of time benefits the red-white that slowly find themselves while the guests also bring us some of them; the uncertain defense to three of the Port capitulates so twice in three minutes beaten by two similar left-right game changes. In both cases the Gazzoli vulture arrives punctually to comfortably enter Solano from two steps. The Fiamma is ahead but continues to commit unusual errors especially in the four defensive line, normally the strong point of Grilli's team. The Porto devours a resounding goal with Ruggenenti at 40 'and comes to the conclusion again shortly after with Boni. In the interval Mr. Grilli replaces the feverish Gazzoli with Ronsivalle, Greco becomes first tip and at 4 'you gain strength a penalty kick appeared net that D'Adda transforms with confidence.

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THE CENTRAL POSE BARDOLINO BATTE 3 TO 1 FLORENCE AND FLY TO + 7 FROM THE TORINO STOPPED ON THE DISTANCE FROM MILAN. PATRIZIA PANICO SIGNS THE DOUBLE AND REACHES THE HEAD OF THE CANNONIERI CLASSIFICATION. INJURY TO MELANIA GABBIADINI (DISTORTION TRAUMA THAT WILL MAKE THE NATIONAL PROBABLY). ON TV: MONDAY DIFFERITA ON RAISPORT. It was certainly not the best game played by the girls at the Centro Pose Bardolino that view at the Belvedere in Calmasino and won by 3 for one on the gritty Florence. But the three points, conquered with a bit of suffering, allow the Gialloblù to stretch further towards Torino, stopped by Milan on the tie and now 7 lengths from the leaders. The Bardolino could pass at the start of the race but the very free Riboldi collects Gabbiadini's cross and clears out dramatically. The Florence responds with Bruno who, thanks to a deviation, finds himself alone in front of Brunozzi but slips to the moment of concluding. The Veronese have escaped the danger ..


Agliana vs. Graphistudio 2 - 1

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The Graphistudio must surrender to the Aglianiana A bitter transfer to the Graphistudio, which was defeated by the challenge with Agliana, although it did not prove inferior to its opponents. At the end of a game played on excellent rhythms, however, it was the Tuscans who conquered the loot, thanks also to an excellent Cupid - above all. The hosts are the first to take the lead after just 3 minutes, with Del Prete. The player, with the complicity of Buiatti who is not very prompt in the intervention, makes the most of a free kick from the 30 meters, ball that bounces in front of the goal line and bag in goal. The extreme Friulian defender, however, is redeemed at the 11 °, when, summoned by Ciardelli, is made ready. Graphistudio draws on the development of a free kick from the edge of the area and Calciato da Brumana. On the short Cupid's short, the quickest to jump on the ball is Gama, who from two steps bags on the net.

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Strange championship of the formation of grenade, the great performances always come in a state of inferiorityInferiority that today has materialized in the expulsion of Captain Nasuti in the first minutes of the second half. Then the team took the initiative, introduced generosity and determination, until you managed to get a draw, even if at the end only ephemeral. Contracted departure of the formation of Bertolini that does not find times and spaces, on the contrary Atalanta starts again in speed and creates not a few difficulties to the defensive department. The Bergamo goal was born from a wrong postponement with Scarpellini who has time to fix the ball and place it on the net. Girls reggiane shook with ideas that become heavy boulders even if it touches' but atalantino goalkeeper to stretch out on a shot from outside Brutti. At the beginning of the second half, as mentioned above, Nasuti in midfield is found by the referee in reaction and is direct red.

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Eurospin Torres - Turin 3-3 (3-1)

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There are weeks in which the competitive element takes second place even in the life of a Serie A company and the one that ended today for Torino Acf was certainly a week full of other values, much more important than a simple game of football. Tuesday evening, when during training Manuela Savini has collapsed on the ground unconscious, things have taken a different meaning than usual. The race with the ambulance, the reanimation, the operation, then finally, after a few days, the waiting news of the escaped danger. For all this short period, training and thinking about the trip to Sassari was very difficult, indeed there was even a moment when it was decided to cancel the game, but then the news comforting the state of health of Manuela, secretary, photographer, but above all an active part of the Torino group, have led everyone to regain their strength on things to do. So the banner that yesterday in the field of the Torres incite "Forza Manu" wanted by the group of fans Le Gru Grugliasco, expressed in a few strokes all the past of these difficult moments. A sign that she, from her hospital bed, appreciated, once informed by her family.

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