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BRILLIANT FIAMMAMONZA, TORRES BATTUTA AND THIRD PLACE IN POCKET MONZA - One day from the end of the season the Fiammamonza wins the direct comparison valid for the third place in the standings and detaches the Torres of three points. An apparently platonic conquest only; this aside, if confirmed between 90 ', is one of the most prestigious achievements of the Monza company that confirms, therefore, one of the strongest teams in Italy. The consideration is not of little importance considering that until some time ago the only one not to disfigure (to suffer three or four goals of difference) against the islanders was evaluated as a success. And instead the Fiamma confirms itself as a high-ranking team at the end of a good match played with great dynamism despite the great heat. Favorable start for guests who exercise a certain territorial supremacy and push. Two attempts by Ricco and Crespi at the 5 'and the 7' then at the 8 'great parade by Marchitelli on a blow to the grass by Coluccini. Silvia Cannata's interview with Mister Grilli. The escaped danger shakes the red and white that react and begin to take the field. At the 20 'Greco tries to head on a corner and four minutes later, here is the goal of the advantage. Ramera receives in the penalty area and beats of flight crossing on the opposite pole of the door defended by Winkler. Torres reacts on a set-piece by sending Ricco close to the net, the ex-Como player finds the 1 flicker to 1 at the 35 'after a nice maneuvering action that develops from right to left. Right draw but Fiamma who tries again in the final time with Paliotti; the white and red ferret is served by Stracchi's magisterial assist but his lob does not frame the door. In the second half Nazzarena Grilli's team wins and legitimizes the victory. Great start with Winkler very good at blocking a Ramera lash and a game ball in the hands of the locals. A counter-attack finalized by Iannella without too much luck is the jolt of the islanders who slowly turn off. At 8 'Murelli signs the 2 network at 1 with a sloping flight from the edge of the area and from then on there will be no more race. The Fiammamonza manages and stings and at the 35 'closes the match with a network still by Murelli (tap-in on Winkler's short rejection) that closes his extraordinary career with a brace right in front of his audience. Nazzarena Grilli, who has a lot of money to sell, gives her the standing ovation of the over two hundred of the Sada stadium, replacing her in the final race. Gianluca Ciofi Press Office Asd Fiammamonza - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 339.1425992 Silvia Cannata's interview with Mister Grilli. At the end of the victorious match with Torres, which gave Fiammamonza the third place in the standings, coach Nazarena Grilli sums up a positive season after all: "Today we played a great race. The meeting was fought and the opponents were very aggressive. It was not easy to win today, but my girls proved to be a great team again. This year's season was quite difficult, we suffered a lot due to the many injuries that forced me to play with the non-complete rose. Even today, I had to deploy Stracchi in attack alongside Ramera, because Gazzoli was not in condition. Daniela still played great, supporting the midfield when we were pressed ". The audience gave Cristina Murelli, author of a double, a standing ovation when she was replaced: "It's true, probably for her it was the last game and closing the career with a brace like the one against Torres is not for everyone . She is a great player, a leader, I have always esteemed her, above all because she was able to take the team by the hand in times of need ". Given the great team on the field against Torres, is there any regret for this third place? "The only regret, as mentioned, are the numerous injuries. The team in training has always been committed to the maximum, highlighting top-level quality, but unfortunately very often in the game I could not deploy the training I wanted. But let's remember that, apart from the extraordinary season of the Scudetto, this third place remains among the best ever achieved by Fiammamonza ”. Plans for the future? "For now I have no plans, I still have to talk to the company. I still don't know if I'll stay in Monza or maybe I'll come back to the Sada as an opponent. We will see…"
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