Friday, February 21 2020
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Turin - Center Pose Bardolino 2-2 (0-0)

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The comparison between Torino and the Cento Pose Bardolino, winner of the Scudetto, must have been a little more than a demonstrative match, given the games now made in the league, and with the Italian Cup semi-finals on the verge. The two best formations of the season gave life to the center "don Mosso" of Venaria to a very beautiful game, intense competitive, despite the more than 30 degrees of temperature (in spite of those who say that with the first warm the formations lie in midfield , see even the men's series A ...). In the grenade ranks were captain Miniati, Guardia, the young Pisano and the "long-lasting" Dear and Chancellor, Padovan sends in the field therefore the most logical formation possible, with Manieri external defense but free to propose itself from her forwards and Tatiana Zorri deployed in the middle of the field, leaving the bands to Pamela Gueli and Maura Bruno. In the first half, the actions are immediately drumming, with the grenade having a slight territorial prevalence and the Bardolino ready to hit on the counterattack, taking advantage of the deep spaces. At the 10 'Turin offers a wonderful action "hand" rugby, with the ball that travels from the left from Manieri to Fuselli, to Ilaria Pasqui, but does not complete the work of "send to the goal" Bruno, very free on the right, but kicks in goal from the edge of the area without problems for the extreme Brunozzi. There is a good match and the expectations are not disappointed. After a minute, Pasqui tries the reverse, but the ball is out. The first shot of the guests is Gabbiadini at 13 ', without many pretensions though. At 18 'Zorri tries to surprise Brunozzi on a free kick but his shot is central. Then the Bardolino tries to take the initiative, with a couple of good initiatives: Riboldi for Panico that is seen to close the road from Rita Caravilla, then Gangheri to contract an offensive maneuver, and finally a parade of Caravilla in two stages. And the two best chances for the guests also arrive: at the 27 'from corner, Patrizia Panico offsets imperiously in the middle and the ball is just high, at the 37' Valentina Boni free-kick is still good leading to the top scorer of the championship that hits the crossbar. After a shot by Pasqui saved by Brunozzi at 43 'the first part of the race ends with the bardolino dangerously forward: Chiara Cacciatori stops just outside the Boni area launched to the network, and suffers the warning. The punishment of the Veronese director, however, ends unsuccessfully at the side. And also ends the first half amid general applause. It is expected a second time by milder pace, especially in view of the first leg of the semi-finals on Wednesday, but it is not so, indeed the most beautiful things are yet to come. And immediately at the 4 'Bardolino takes the lead. Return against the wind of Caravilla a little 'lopsided, ball recovered from the guests and Boni launched in the area in the middle of the defense grenade, free to hit. The Torino does not go in doll as in the first leg, indeed reacts immediately with the most beautiful maneuver of the race: on the right Bruno well launched deep touches for the accidental Silvia Fuselli, who just inside the area leaves a great right to cross on the affixed corner. And two minutes later the same Fuselli is face to face with Brunozzi who closes the space well and neutralizes the occasion under measure. The actions are pounding and at the 11 is Melania Gabbiadini who finds a golden ball thrown into the area on the right. His lob to cross on the far post surprised Caravilla who expected the cross to the center and hinted to go out: it is the 1-2 network. Once again the Torino does not give up: at the 16 'excellent action of Pasqui from the bottom puts in the middle for Fuselli who touches but can not put on goal, the 19' another attempt in reverse of Pasqui without success. But at the 24 'the well-deserved grenade draw arrives: Zorri's free-kick from the right, surprisingly Raffaella Manieri hits the ball from the middle of the box. The last serious opportunity to close the game is a grenade, but at the 31 'the ball kicked by Zorri on a free-kick hits the crossbar. At the end fair even, with some regrets for the landlords, who close the game in crescendo. Wednesday first leg of the Italian Cup semi-final at the Ruffini park at 15 against Agliana, then Saturday closing of the championship on the Atalanta field. Turin - Centro Pose Bardolino 2-2 (pt 0-0) Marking machines: st 4 'Boni (B), 7' Fuselli, 11 'Gabbiadini (B). 24 'Manorhouses. Turin: Caravilla, Gangheri (st 20 'Bosi), Iannuzzelli, Cacciatori, Manieri, Gueli, Zorri, Cantoro (St. 43' Giuliano), Bruno, Fuselli, Pasqui. All. Padovan. Available Serafino, Franco, Coluccio. Center Pose Bardolino: Brunozzi, Motta, Stefanelli, Sorvillo, Barbierato, Tuttino, Girelli (st 17 'Rodella), Boni, Gabbiadini, Riboldi (st 25' Lonardi), Panico. All. Longega. Available Picarelli, Toselli, Mascanzoni. Referee: Pagliano (Milan); assistants Solinas (Turin) and Muollo (Turin). * * * The aftermarket (by Paolo Ponti) At the end of the match very radiant moods in the home garnet, as underlined by the coach in second Carmelo Roselli: "We played a great game, and despite the absence, who went on the field has shown to know how to play a great football. In the field there were two teams, but on what was the leader from an external eye would not have understood. We ground game for ninety minutes, while they only tried on the counterattack. Now there is Agliana, and we must play at the same level. Secure the result to face a peaceful return ". The Venetian coach Renato Longega is more detached: "Torino has proved to be an excellent team, and this gives more value to our championship win. In this match they had more motivations than us: we came here to win but the draw is the most correct result. We are preparing the Coppa Italia, and we would like to repeat the success of last year when we met Torino in the semi-finals. This year we have Torres, but I would hope to meet the grenade in the final ". 2006-2007 grenade nets 56 16 XnumX series Pasqui 13 Fuselli (1) 9 Zorri (1 on penalty) 4 Cantori, Xenon Xenon Gangheri, Bruno 3 2 Mineri 1 Xenium 1 31 11 Fuselli 7 Guard, Nicola 3 Bosi, Dear, Zorri Overall 2 1 Pasqui 87 Fuselli (27) 16 Zorri (1), Bruno 10 Cantoro 1 Gui 7 Gangheri 4 Manieri, Guardia, Nicola 3 Bosi, Carissimi, Miniati 2 autorete Turin Press Office ACF Torino Bruno Bili 1 / 1
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