Portomantovano - Agliana 1-2

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Important success in Lombardy that brings the aglianesi close to one step from salvation. The valances are already relegated but they do not offer discounts: to conquer the best result, the neroverdi must fight and suffer. The match could have been closed before but a pole and some mistakes in front of Solano make the 80 scream for success. 1-2 and both goals in one way or another lead the brand of Del Prete ([i] in the picture [/ i]) MANTUA. And 'the clash with the last of the class but for the Agliana the match against the Portomantovano is worth as a final: Di Costanzo & in fact want to win the pink jersey in the sprint for salvation. The beginning looks promising. Del Prete from the left pushes forward, crosses short for Fadda who hits the head well but on the first post. A few minutes and the landlords have to foil as well as an internal attack: the ball splashes quickly in a melee area but Benini is quick to shoot it away before you cross the line. The photos of the match Porto Mantovano - Agliana First blazings and the match then seems to find a certain balance between the two contenders. For the brio format 1-0, however, think about the duo Del Prete & Ciardelli. The 11 number now lined up in the third line is nostalgic for the opposing half of the field and when it can reach a goal beyond the midfield line if it grants it. 35 'free kick from the right and just the left back takes care to beat him. The joke does not seem to those irresistible, but the trajectory is however insidious enough to send in tails Solano that rejects but does not block. Ciardelli is lurking and thank you. 1-0. Fifth league goal for the bomber and Agliana takes the path of the locker room with more confidence. New 46 'and Agliana between the 47' and the 48 'waste two of those that would call set ball in the volley. Chance missed number one: Fadda steals the ball in midfield, operates the engines and flies alone to the door. Many believe they know the outcome of his gallop but a stone's throw from Solano the 0-2 is lost halfway between a touch of too much and the exit of the extreme defender. It is not over here, in the following action Capaldo "strokes" the biancorosso extreme defender with a deviation of foot on the cross from the left far too delicate. The Agliana close to victory? On the script there is not yet written but rather the landlords start to steal a bit 'part. Bersani goes to the assault on corner but it will be his partner Eccher to collect more luck. 58 'Solano from the left-hand lane with a diagonal passage gratifies the insertion of the 16 number: defending blade and well-calibrated shot on the far post. 1-1. It's all to be redone. The neroverdi are pushing forward with little verve: the conclusions are central or high and when a diagonal attempt by Ciardelli parades in front of the door without anyone having followed the action, the victory seems far away. The breakthrough materializes at 80 '. The 1 Solano number picks up a back pass with the hands and the referee grants the punishment. Counterpoint: against Torres were the neroverdi to overtake in such a situation, in Mantua the music is different. On the ball there is still Del Prete, shot and this time the goal is all his.1-2. The game is not over yet because Cupid must say "no" on two occasions to the ever dome master of the house. Placchi pulls from outside and the defender puts his hand, Cordioli runs off to the right and still the goalkeeper neroverde must remedy with a providential exit. Final whistle and release even if there are still 90 'in the trenches. PORTOMANTOVANO - AGLIANA 1-2 NETWORKS: 35 'Ciardelli, 56' Eccher (P), 80 'Del Prete PORTOMANTOVANO: Solano D., Cordioli, Bersani, Eccher, Ruggenenti, Benini, Placchi, Duò, Zanetti, Bissoli (25' Zaffara 70 'Boni), Solano S. coach: Donella available: Braiato, Zocca AGLIANA: Cupido, Marchesi, D'Agostino, Mauro, Del Prete, Capalbo (56 'D'Ancona), Baldi, Di Costanzo, Carraro, Fadda, Ciardelli (86' Lamorte) coach: Ghimenti available: Frediani REFEREE: Dal Borgo (Verona) AMMONITE: Marchesi, Bersani
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