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2 PIROTECNICO TRAVEL TO 2 BETWEEN TORINO AND CENTRO POSE BARDOLINO. GIALLOBLU 'IMBATTUTE FROM 16 DECEMBER. IN GOL BONI AND GABBIADINI. The Veronesi neo-champions of Italy have thus maintained the unbeaten in the championship that lasts from 16 December 2006 blocking the single bull Toro in the race to the championship for two thirds of the championship. The match between bomber for the title of top scorer is also tied: the yellow Patrizia Panico at the head of the special classification, and the former Gardesana Ilaria Pasqui who stays at three lengths, remain dry. The grenade of Giancarlo Padovan, mindful of the blow suffered in the first leg, are eager to appear well against the leaders and start the race on a very high pace despite the summer temperatures. The most dangerous actions, however, come from the feet of Giallobl├╣ very close to scoring on two occasions at 24 ', first with a conclusion to the side of Gabbiadini, then with the conclusion of Sorvillo deflected in corner in two times by Caravilla before the arrival of Gabbiadini. At the 37 'Valentina Boni on a free-kick brushes the ball for the crippled Panico chi splitting the crossbar, and at the end of time the same Boni again on a free kick sends to the side a ball charged with effect. In the photo Longega and Mancini, the two Mister Campioni d'Italia The recovery opens with the yellow-blue advantage signed by Valentina Boni who received the ball from Patrizia Panico juggles in the area and pierces Caravilla with a low shot on the far post. Four armed later Toron equalized thanks to the great goal of Silvia Fuselli who turns quickly in the area and places the ball at the intersection of the poles. Brava Brunozzi to save the result by going to reject the close conclusion of Fuselli. On the overturned front Bardolino returns with an action led by the trio of wonders Boni, Panico, Gabbiadini. The latter converges from the right and starts a ball to effect that slips at the intersection. 15 minutes pass and the Veronese are resumed: Zorri on a set foot kicks a cross in the area for the perfect squeezed of Manieri. In the final the Torino pushes to the search of the victory of prestige, but the giallobl├╣ only run a danger on the free kick of the usual Zorri who commits Brunozzi helped by the crossbar. Toro and Bardolino come out among the applauses of the public grenade. The Verona will be back on the field again Wednesday in Sassari in the first leg of the Italian Cup semi-finals. Tabellino and classification in the Serie A section of the site. On TV: Sunday evening the first images on Telearena in "Tutto Dilettanti" at about 22,10. Tuesday a summary of the 20,25 on Venetosat (893 SKY channel and NETWORKS: St. 3 'Boni, 7' Fuselli, 10 'Gabbiadini, 23' manors. TURIN: Caravilla, Gangheri (19 'St. Bosi), Cacciatori, Iannuzzelli, Manieri, Zorri, Gueli, Cantoro (44' st: Giuliano), Bruno, Fuselli, Pasqui. Available: Serafino, Franco, Coluccio. All. Giancarlo Padovan. CENTRO POSE BARDOLINO VR: Brunozzi, Motta, Stefanelli, Sorvillo, Barbierato, Tuttino, Girelli (16 'St Rodella), Boni, Gabbiadini, Riboldi (24 st. Lonardi), Panico. Available: Picarelli, Toselli, Mascanzoni. All. Renato Longega. REFEREE: Pagliano di Milano (Solinas and Muolio) AMMONITE: Rodella and Cacciatori. COMMENT: Notes: Warm and sunny day. Ground with synthetic grass. 300 viewers around. 3 angles to 3, 1 recovery and 3 minutes. FROM THE CF BARDOLINO SITE
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