Thursday, January 12th
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Il Gioiello Firenze gets out of the salvation fight, in which Atalanta, Agliana and Senigallia remain entangled In San Marcellino the Atalanta beats for 1-0 after a game with two faces. "This is a greater joy than the promotion in Serie A last year: because here the level was clearly higher, we realized immediately. But we were good at taking the right countermeasures: the girls were good first thing, the company in turn was always good to believe and keep the cold even in the most difficult moments. Next year we will certainly make important grafts in the team, we want to do a quiet championship, at least half of the classification, the project has already been outlined for some time. Let's go on like this ". President Luciano Bagni was always rational at the end of a historic match. Florence conquers mathematical salvation with an early shift. In the picture: Orlandi Yesterday at San Marcellino he beat Atalanta inflicting the fifth consecutive defeat and closing the practice definitively. Match wise in the first half (purple deployed with a conservative 4-5-1), then Mr. Ciolli made some tactical changes and the team had an impressive change of gear in the second half, played practically single-door, constantly in the midfield of the orobiche . The goal was the masterpiece of "Tamburino" Giulia Orlandi, at the 16 'of the second half, after the viola had recently failed a penalty with Serena Patu. The missile from the 25, 27 meters, left of the midfielder who grew up (like most of the team) in the nursery was sacked striking at the same time cross and pole to the left of the Nerazzurri goalkeeper. Unstoppable. The joy exploded, but the violets also had the foresight not to do as Bardolino and Agliana (when they made their opponents to score immediately after scoring) and continued to attack with head and heart going close to doubling on several occasions and defending his own door with determination and determination in the rare offensive sorties (which shiver in any case!) of the orobiche. Atalanta had arrived in Florence with the crazy desire of a desperate draw. And the first fraction of the game had rewarded her. But then the viola played as they know, and they dominated. "I want to see this team play calmly and without any trouble in the standings. It could take a lot of satisfaction! "Added the president Luciano Bagni while the viola at the end of the race embraced and thanked the large audience that has once again filled the forum of San Marcellino. It is their moment, and the future, also seen in the registry office, is theirs. Especially now that the price of the novitiate has been paid. Also because on the track there are also the girls of the Spring who are preparing to play with the final goal of the Under 21 Championship where last year they were third. For the first team the trip to Sardinia with Torres will finish the championship. The following Saturday, however, in San Marcellino, the girls of Ciolli will celebrate with a game against a representative of journalists. The interviews of the dopogara on Radio Studio 54 (Fm 96.0 and 96.5) on Monday in Musicalmente Sport from 14 to 15. THE JEWEL OF FLORENCE (4-5-1): Leoni, Benucci, Guagni, Pitzus, Gori; Nencioni (4 'st Colzi), Spina (38'st Lucherini), Patu, Orlandi, Barreca; Baglieri (11 'st Bruno). Available: Baldini, Binazzi, Parrini. All. ATALANTA Ciolli :. (3-4-1-2) Gritti, Zizioli, Zanoletti, Brasi; Bruscaini, Spini, Gozzi, Bonometti; Scarpellini; Mangili, Caio (15'st Foresti). Available: Filippi, Teli, Cattaneo, Gambirasio. All .: Zonca MARKERS: 16 'st Orlandi Angles: 6-8 for the Atalanta Ammoniti: Pitzus, Patu Referee: Davi di Bologna
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