Thursday, February 26, 2015
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MONZA - After two weeks of forced break, the Atalanta's path resumed with a draw, that in the home of the Italian champions of Fiammamonza dispute a good race, shrewd in defense and with interesting offensive cues, getting that point that allows her to stay in the high area of ​​the standings and to stay in touch with the same team brianzola. Zonca's team, who chose Zizioli and Gozzi in midfield and the Nespoli on the left, with the consequent initial exclusion of Spini, started the determined game, with a slight dominance in the middle of the field but it was extinguished in the last twenty meters. The first real opportunity was still in the 35 ', when Mangili, after an exchange on the right, entered the area, and served in the center area for Scarpellini, but the ball was missing from a good position. The landlords responded shortly afterwards, but Murelli's shot from a distance was well controlled by Gritti. Certainly more lively the second time, with a more aggressive and determined Fiammamonza, despite Atalanta responds blow to blow to local initiatives: first D'Adda sought the conclusion from the limit, going close to scoring with a shaven that lapped the post, after a few minutes was Mangili, launched a network, to suffer the return of the excellent Rivolta, who, with a little 'trade, managed to stop the striker Inter. In the final, it was still Gritti, the best in the field, to overtake, with two big saves on the close conclusions of D'Adda and Ramera, while just at the end was the Mangili who could not turn around and conclude the network from the limit of ' area. Against the Italian champions, it was however a positive draw the one taken by the Nerazzurri, who are now sixth in the standings; next week, at home, Atalanta will face the EuroSpin Torres determined to enhance the point obtained today with a victory that would also mean overtaking the sardines. FIAMMAMZA (4-4-2): Marchitelli; Ceroni, Rivolta, D'Adda, Schiavi; Ronsivalle (20 'st Paliotti), Stracchi, Donghi, Morelli; Gazzoli, Greek (13 'st Ramera). All. Grilli. ATALANTA (4-2-3-1): Gritti; Bruscaini, Zanoletti (39 'st Spini), Rota, Nespoli (38' st Brasi); Zizioli, Gozzi; Scarpellini, Franchina (33 'st Caio), Bonometti; Mangili. All.Zonca. REFEREE: Ricciardella of Verbania. ASSISTANTS: Garà, Licita of Milan. Atalanta Women's Press Office
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