Tavagnacco vs Agliana 2 - 2

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Graphistudio does not go even further The graphistudio with two faces does not go beyond the draw, busy today in the home debut against Agliana. A team able to enchant and delight the audience in the first half, but also a team capable of making gross mistakes and being overwhelmed by disturbing amnesia. E? happened all in the arc of 90 minutes, and to the formation giallobl? no ? did not even enjoy the double superiority? numerical to conquer the three points. Ready via the Graphistudio you immediately take the lead (3?) ... with a great pitched shot from distance from Camporese that surprises Cupid off the posts and fixes the result on the one to zero. Continue on the wave of enthusiasm the march giallobl ?, led by a trident crackling composed of Camporese, Mauro and Brumana and a midfield capable of continuously providing new life to the game Friuli. Everything is easy for the rear of the Graphistudio, which remains almost inactive for 45 minutes. Seems to get everything for the best at 22? when a foul by Pini against Mauro leads the referee to indicate the penalty spot and waving the red under the nose of the Tuscan player. From the eleven meters Brumana? an infallible sniper. Throw, goal. It really seems the game of the turn, the game that will allow? at Tavagnacco to avenge the 3 defeats suffered in the past season. The game that opens in the fan fantasies of European scenarios. At least 6 the goal actions that led to the turn of Camporese, Brumana and Mauro to touch the 3 0 a few inches. But the dream soon fades. Before the interval of Costanzo, with the complicity? of Buiatti, finds with an improbable shot, all but insidious, the goal capable of reopening the game. And the involution of giallobl? appears, overwhelmingly, in the recovery. Team without ideas and unable to counteract the descent of the opponents, who for their part, have filled the technical limits, to be attributed especially to young age? of the players, with a fierce aggressiveness ?. And so? after having forced Buiatti to overtake to respond to the shot of D? Ancona, intended to enter just under the intersection of the poles, the formation of Pistoia has found the network of the liberating tie in the first of five minutes of recovery decreed by the race director. A punishment by Del Prete to turn over the barrier, on which the extreme defender giallobl? no ? managed to arrive. To nothing? served the last desperate assault of the Friulians, who conquered a point of defeat. ? In the first half? explains Mr. Modonutti? we could have easily closed the game, having had at least 6 limpid goal balls. The network suffered before the interval demoralized us and the team did not know anymore? to react. The game shown in the first forty-five minutes? an excellent signal from which to start again, but also the mistakes made today must serve as teaching for the future ?. Goals: 3 'Camporese, 23' Brumana (Rig.), 47 'Di Costanzo C., 92' Del Prete GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO CF: Buiatti, Dona '(81' Sterzai), Martinelli M., Simonato, Stabile, Minisini, Tommasella (90 'Grossutti), Camporese, Di Filippo, Brumana, Mauro I. (66 'Battistini) - Coach: Modonutti AIRCARGO AGLIANA FC: Cupid, Marziani, Mauro P. (46 'Baldi S.), Di Costanzo C. (64 'Del Prete), Ugolini C., Marchesi, Ciardelli, Pini C., D'Agostino A., Pirone (46' D'ancona), Fadda - Coach: Ghimenti REFEREE: Mucelli di San Don? AMMONITES: Martinelli M., Stabile (G) EXPULSES: 22 'Pini C., 84' Fadda (A) For more information Press officer Graphistudio Erica Beltrame 347 / 0399767 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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