Turin vs Milan 2 - 1

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Milan surrenders on the renewed lawn of the "Campo Nebiolo" of the Ruffini park in Turin: 2-1 and another three points in the safe for the grenade by Giancarlo Padovan. Before the start a memory for Valentino Trambaioli, our masseur who passed away during the week and in the morning we gave our best regards. Sar? was the tension for this sad affair, combined with the adversary of rank and the desire to do well in front of a very large audience (many Toro Club of the Province, who have also displayed a good wishing banner "Girls Win for us"), but the grenade game? latited throughout the first half. On the other hand, Milan hit 12 ': a ball placed in the small area and guilty left to bounce between pi? defenders and goalkeeper in the end? was put in by Alice Cama, a substitute in Ilenia Sancassano's midfield, moved to defense instead of the influenced Ficarelli. Ghiotta an opportunity to equalize for Nuria Guardia gi? at 20 ', but the whole of Barcelona in front of Comin puts out incredibly. The siege grenade on the ground treacherous and wet (good weather until 19, while the stadium was occupied by athletics, then downpour badly?) Causes some havoc in the defense Milan, but apart from two deviations of the defenders to their door and a Comin's empty exit without serious consequences (just corner kicks) nothing happens. Indeed on two occasions the Milanese can present themselves to the parties of Caravilla, which for? this time foil with peremptory releases on opponents launched to the network. In the second half Milan immediately insidious after 30 "with a cross that still crosses the small area, but at the 6 'comes the draw grenade. From the right cross of Tatiana Zorri, perfect break of Silvia Fuselli's header and ball in the net. "Tati" Zorri try again with a couple of punishments, which pass for? high on the cross. Milan drops and Toro sinks the blow: at the 31 'Ilaria Pasqui three-quarters turn well and frees himself in the middle of the Milan defense, slipping from the edge with a precise low shot in the right corner of the goalkeeper. The Torino administers the game without taking any chances, we try Cantoro (took over from Guardia at the 16 ') on a high free kick, then pi? nothing until the final whistle. From the press conference at the end of the match: Enzo Scavone, second coach Torino: "at the beginning we were wrong approach to the game, in the second half we were more? concrete. Fuselli's goal has unlocked us, I'm glad he scored her,? a great player, he applies a lot in training, he deserved it. Cantoro's entry has given us more? push, shame about the stretching of Gangheri, whose conditions we will check out in the week ". Manuela Bosi, Turin defender: "we were nervous because? we wanted to do well against Milan, but we could not play our game ". Arianna Dudine, Milan midfielder: "In the first half we were very determined, then we went down and they were much more in the second half. convinced of us. Losing in Turin there is, I'm a competitor to the title, too bad because? we have wasted the initial advantage. We do not set limits for our final goals, we know how much we are worth but there are very well equipped and competitive teams to win the Scudetto ". Guest in the stands, the national coach, Pietro Ghedin, who was able to appreciate the technical gesture of Fuselli, but? was disappointed by the Milan defense (and blue) on the occasion of the Pasqui network. Turin - Milan 2-1 Marking machines: 12 'Cama (M); st 6 'Fuselli, 31' Pasqui. Turin: Caravilla; Gangheri (st 35 'Bosi), Cacciatori, Iannuzzelli, Chancellor; Zorri, Dear, Miniati, Guardia (st 16 'Cantoro); Fuselli, Pasqui (st 42 'Gueli). All. Padovan. Available Serafino, Nicola, Bruno. Milan: Comin; Turra, Perelli, Sancassani, Cassanelli (st 30 'Celentano); Cama, Quitadamo, Bernardi, Dudine (st 33 'Cammarata); Zambetta (St. 4 'Del Gaudio), Croce. All. Paolo Mincioni. Available De Gennaro. Referee: Antonio Azzinnaro (Genoa); segnalinee Matteo Puzzolante (TO), Enzo Martino (TO). 2006-2007 grenade nets 6 2 Fuselli Championship, Pasqui 1 Cantoro, Zorri Italian Cup 14 4 Pasqui 3 Bruno 2 Guard, Nicola 1 Bosi, Carissimi, Fuselli
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