PORTO MANTOVANO vs 1-8 (0-1)

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FLAME TO TROTTO FOR A TIME, THEN DILAGA WITH PORTO MANTOVANO PORTO MANTOVANO? The Italian champions play in rhythm with the Porto Mantovano and in the first 45? of this race we see a little. Three or four chances for the red and white, an attempt by the landlord with Eccher shooting high at the 35 ?. In the middle of the net Paliotti, good to steal the ball in midfield and wrap with his usual rapidity? in the door. The probable? Shampoo? Mr. Grilli in the interval wakes up the Monza that in the second half starts with another look: facilitated by an immediate one-two signed Paliotti-Ramera with consequent moral collapse of the Mantuan the brianzole are scored repeatedly in a race without too much history. PORTO MANTOVANO: Braiato, Cordioli, Gozzi, Caffara, Benini (37? Pt Zanemi), Carrara, Bersani (14? St Zocca), Boni, Eccher, D? Alessandro, Nhaga. All. Leonardo Donella (Solano D., Solano S., Ferrari). FIAMMAMONZA: Marchitelli (32? St Ferraro), Balconi, Ded ?, Rivolta, Schiavi (22? St Bertoni), Donghi, Ceroni, Paliotti (25? St Ronsivalle), Murelli, Ramera, Stracchi - All. Nazzarena Grilli (Franchin, Vinci). REFEREE: Milan Brigantes (Fontanesi and Zerbini) NETWORKS: 19? Pt, 2? St and 18? st Paliotti (F); 4? St and 35? St Ramera (F); 14? St Ceroni; 31? St and 32? St Stracchi (F); 43? St Boni (PM) on penalty kick .. NOTES: Land in good condition, 100 approx. 4 corner kicks at 0 for the Fiammamonza. Ammonite Balconi and Murelli for Fiammamonza.
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