Thursday, February 26, 2015
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At the Stadio Mirabello stadium, the old Reggiana men's plant that saw Del Piero's first goal in his career, the Jewel makes 0-0 with the grenade team on the fourth day of return of the women's Serie A. Serena Patu was among the waders after the disqualification, hosted by Mr. Ciolli; initially out of Sara Colzi. Alia Guagni is also on the pitch, despite some ailments reported in the recent national appearance in the Netherlands. Among the landlords instead of the coach Milena Bertolini was not deployed from the beginning for internal disciplinary reasons Lina Marsico, she too from the blue expedition and author of the goal that ended the race on the 2-0 after the penalty converted by Katia Serra . The Reggiana had never made points this year at the Mirabello and then debunked the tabu. In the stands also the purple forward Francesca Baglieri, unavailable, coming specifically to support the team. A nice gesture. The Reggiana, deployed with a tidy 4-4-2 is little, Florence initially shows more in the half field of the landlord. At the 10 'Orlandi shot a palm out. At the 16 'Gori launched by Patu in the area weakly pulls on the goalkeeper. At the 18 'is the same Gori that tries with a pitched shot from the right corner of the penalty area. At 19 'the first risk for the gigliate with Sabatino who is alone in the area, Leoni deviates in the corner. Florence tries to make fun with Spina to set and Orlandi indomitable in midfield, but does not take advantage of the wide spaces available. Ciolli blocks all the opponents across the board. From the middle of the first half but it is the Reggiana that presses more, but also the attack grenade does not affect that much. In the second half comes the Marsico. Gori wins a rebound and alone in front of the goalkeeper thinks too much and then weakly pulls from the distance, Guagni's header and deflected ball into the corner. Giulia Orlandi hurts, Colzi enters and is sided by central point together with Barreca. At the 14 'shot by Nasuti, Leoni deflects in the corner. The goalkeeper repeats to the 19 'with a providential intervention in output on Sabatini launched alone in the area. Elena Bruno is in defense, but the others are not far behind. At 27 'Colzi you work a ball and from the right starts a cross for Lucherini alone in the area, but betrayed by the rebound. At 30 'Sabatini penetrates the area from the right, insidious cross, the purple defense is saved. At the 32 'insistent action Barreca-Colzi, punishment from the bezel: Patu strikes, cross, on the rebound puts a foot Colzi, the goalkeeper Fazio instinctively. At the dangerous 40 'Reggiana with Tavalazzi, Leoni deflects in the corner. It ends with Florence forward, the tie that Ciolli wanted, even if it is a Pirro victory for the success of the Aglian for 2-0 sull'Atalanta: Pistoia again ahead in the standings and Florence again in the relegation zone a point behind the Pistoia. The positive note is the victory of Porto Mantovano on Senigallia. THE JEWEL OF FLORENCE (4-4-2): Leoni, Benucci, Bruno, Guagni, Pitzus, Lucherini (from 27 'st Binazzi), Spina, Orlandi (13' st Colzi), Patu, Gori, Barreca (38 'st Nencini). Available: Parrini. All. Francesco Ciolli REGGIANA: Fazio, Serra, Lisi (31 st Zavanelli), Barbieri (41 'st Basile), Neboli, Tavalazzi, Brutti (3' st Brutti), Nasuti, Sabatino, Prost, Costi. Available Vincenzi, Boccedi, Bonati. All. Bertolini. Angles: 3-1 for Reggiana Ammoniti: none Referee: Aversano di Treviso CARLO CAROTENUTO FLORENCE
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