Thursday, April 23, 2015
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THE FLAME BACK TO FIRE THE SADA, POKER AT TAVAGNACCO MONZA - The championship returns and the Fiammamonza returns, making its fans dream in the unforgettable last season. The Brianza training unleashes a careful performance and, above all, imbued with the desire to re-emerge from the group of pursuers the leaders Bardolino and Turin. Monza very well, therefore, not so much the guests, in difficulty for the absences of Simeone and Brumana but, however, definitely below expectations. Started at good pace and teams that meanwhile are studying with the red and white who seem more convinced. At the 13 'the game is torn: Roberta D'Adda receives on the left, controls and focuses on leaving a flying right that exceeds Marcutti, beats under the crossbar and slips into the net. Great goal and Tavagnacco that swerves .. for about ten minutes. The Fiamma could double at the 15 '(clamorous goal ball failed by Gazzoli) and again at the 18' after a maneuver of primary intention protagonists Donghi, Stracchi and again Gazzoli pulling up on the cross. Signs of life of the guests at 25 'who try to push but to become dangerous (Camporese shot in the corner corner) must take advantage of a lightness in disengagement of the usually careful local rearguard. At the 31 'comes the doubling of the girls of Mr. Grilli; Stracchi collects a defensive repulsion and with a lob serves the cut behind the defensive line of Gazzoli, the bomber this time frames the door and is 2 to 0. Monza seems toned guests, however, never give the impression of being able to turn the game. An idea for Paliotti at the 34 ', a very unexpected failure by Gazzoli two meters from Marcutti at the 45' and then all in the locker room. The team of Modonutti tries to react after the interval, for a few minutes it is played in the mid-Monza field that risks only on an exit of Marchitelli that lacks the grip on the opponent's pressure but at the 14 'the match is closed. Football from the trocar standstill, ball in the midst of air contrast between Gazzoli and Simonato the ball rises and reaches the very sunny Paliotti who has no difficulty in depositing on the net; 3 to 0 and race over. Little to say about the rest of the match if you do not tell the second signing of Venu Paliotti, the second head, this in advance dry on his marker after excellent cross from the left of Murelli. FIAMMAMONZA: Marchitelli, Ceroni (28'st Bertoni), D'Adda, Rivolta, Schiavi, Donghi, Gazzoli (32'st Vinci), Paliotti, Murelli, Greco (28'st Ronsivalle). All. Grilli (Ferraro, Dede, Balconi). TAVAGNACCO: Marcutti, Battistini (10'st Pezzarini), Gama, Martinelli, Simonato, Minisini (30'st Sterzai), Stabile, Tommasella, Camporese, Di Filippo (33'st Fantoni), Bucovaz. All. Modonutti (Mareschi, Ilic). REFEREE: Ricciardella of Verbania (Nappi di Busto Arsizio and Bertola di Gallarate). NETWORKS: 13'pt D'Adda, 31'pt Gazzoli, 14'st and 25'st Paliotti. NOTES: Land in fair condition, 150 viewers around. 2 corner kicks at 2. Ammonita Ceroni (F) .. Gianluca Ciofi Asd Fiammamonza Press Office - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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