Turin - Agliana 3-0

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For the Agniana with 2006 / 2007, a minimum error margin is not included. Story of a few games: neroverdi start well, frustrate some good action and at first carelessness are hit cold and often it is lethal. At the Nebiolo stadium, the umpteenth chapter of this season does not succeed in tearing off the repetitive label. Ugolini and compani press, they risk the 0-1 with Pini but are literally frozen by a two of Pasqui concentrated in just sixty seconds. In the second half there is time for the former Fuselli network and for the one denied by Caravella to Pini in the final. TURIN. Mister Ghimenti opts for a 4-4-2 classic: Baldi after returning with a goal a week ago from the change to Di Costanzo in the middle, Fadda instead rises in the forefront to distribute fantasy to Ciardelli. Alchemy, despite Cupido already at the 11 should divert a corner attempt from the trocar of Gangheri, seems to work. Agliana is a mosquito and it is not an offense. The girls in pink and black press and hold the field well to a Turin that relies instead on the singles of a certain caliber. 31? and the game seems to take an interesting turn, different but not for this stunning in virt? than seen on the playing rectangle until then. Ciardelli cuddles the ball, takes him for a walk among some defender grenade at the threshold of the area and the clue with the protractor to Pini on the left. Entering the number? 10? ? sharp, the diagonal on the opposite pole so valuable? as the guizzo save result of Caravilla that sends in corner. L? Agliana begins to shake, the precedents say that one of the most? ancient laws of football ranks against: ball missed in the bag of others, ball over the Tuscan line. Fuselli warms the spirits with a departure of his but in front of Cupid, perhaps caught by the emotion of the former, produces a shot that goodbye we have as cross; Pasqui instead broke the fate of the game in two gestures concentrated in less than sixty seconds. 38? Zorri cues on the left brush and the former bomber of the national scratches with the touch of the 1-0 in the small area, does not pass even minute and for the number? 11? ? both. Ball in the middle, two passes and Pasqui steals the ball, raises his head and decides to mock Cupid out of the palli with a tense stretched parabola. L? Agliana with the mood wedged between the cleats is projected in the second half: Ghimenti tries to give a more offensive attitude to the team with the inputs of D? Ancona and Capalbo but the result? that the midfield loses substance and fails to impose itself in the nerve zone and consequently does not support a crowded first line. Pasqui cos? try the tris but this time the cross tells you? no ?, comes the turn also of Cantoro that from the long distance raises its conclusion too. At the 77? to tell the truth for the neroverdi there could be the opportunity to reopen the games but Capalbo cues on the right too much hesitates to settle the ball and ends out of measure. On the other side Fuselli realizes the second displeasure in two games for his former team: the number? 9? fast part and Cupid to defend his door can not? do nothing but spread it. Penalty and the Tuscan tip signs the 3-0. Not C?? pi? story but Pini who has an open account with the goal from the first half, we try again to expire from within the area. Caravilla and the crossbar deny the 3-1. Red alarm for the Agliana that is surpassed by the Florence. The one with Turin certainly was not a game in which the girls of Ghimenti were asked to tear off salvation points but already? in two weeks against the Atalanta bisogner? start with decision from the attitude of the first half hour of Saturday. TORINO CF: Caravilla, Gangheri, Carissimi, Iannuzzelli, Cacciatori, Zorri, Miniati E., Gueli (63 'Cantoro), Guardia Pulido (80' Manieri), Fuselli (86 'Pisano S.), Pasqui - Coach: Giancarlo Padovan AIRCARGO AGLIANA FC: Cupido, Marchesi, D'agostino A., Ugolini C., Mauro P., Carraro (62 'Capalbo), Pini C., Baldi S. (49 'D'ancona), Del Prete, Fadda, Ciardelli - Coach: Alberto Ghimenti Referee: Emiliano Franco (Milan) Networks: 38' Pasqui (T), 39 'Pasqui (T), rig. 85 'Fuselli (T) Ammonites: none Expelled: none Spectators: 300
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