Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Pyrotechnic match today in Calmasino Reggiana dominating the field but the 3 points go to Bardolino how strong of his attack triptych and with the complicity? of the extreme defender Fazio wins a race where the draw would have been more? fair. Reggiana who is wrong under the front and gives away. The Bardolino first of the class has relied on his team weight set up to win the Scudetto, good and clever to exploit any indecision that the defense grenade has granted. Overall anyway? was a good game played at a good pace under the eyes of the coach of the National Ghedin who wrote down two three names in his notebook ... Although they were scored three strikers Sabatino-Prost-Marsico with goals of excellent workmanship, this year the defense that does not hold up despite the contribution of the blue Tavalazzi, too many naivete? and some subdued. Saturday will there be? the stop that will allow? to Mr. Bertolini to properly record the team in view of the clash with Florence, a young training not to be underestimated given the ranking. So we'll see Saturday 24 at the Mirabello if it arrives? the first coveted victory at home. BARDOLINO: Brunozzi, Motta, Stefanelli, Sorvillo, Mascalzoni (77 'Rodella), Barbierato, Tuttino, Boni, Riboldi (75' Girelli), Gabbiadini (90 'Lonardi), Panico. A disp .: Picarelli, Toselli, Manzoni ,. All. LONGEGA REGGIANA: Fazio, Serra, Davoli (59 'Lisi), Casile (55' Prost), Neboli, Tavalazzi, Brutti, Nasuti, Marico, Sabatino, Costi. Available: Zavanelli, Barbieri, Bonati, Bocedi. All. BERTOLINI ARBITRO: Pasolini di Bs NETWORKS: 14 'Sabatino 30' rig. Boni 47 'Boni 50' Riboldi 59 'Prost 63' Marsico 75 'Panic
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