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"Abracadabra Ciardelli and Agliana concretizes its superiority" Second consecutive victory; the third in the league, and Agliana rises in the standings. The lower areas of the ranking are now the responsibility of Vigor Senigallia, Florence and Portomantovano and Di Costanzo & co. undermine the eighth place of Reggina next opponent in the direct clash. The Agliana expresses itself on good levels of play but only at 79 'manages to realize its superiority with Ciardelli. Abracadabra of the "9" number and the neroverdi are brought to the definitive 2-1. AGLIANA. Just enough time to accommodate the spectators and the Aglianesi strike. Remake of the going but backward. Del Prete, who had given the draw in Friuli at the end, opened the scoring. Central punishment from outside the area, the 11 number kicks and deceives. Buiatti badly calculates the trajectory and collects. At the 15 'neroverdi would also have the opportunity to wave the "two of spades" to Gialloblù but this time the number "1" guest redeems himself and steals the ball to Ciardelli launched to the network. From double advantage to balance. On the development of a punishment, the insertion with a shot of Brumana will prove fatal for the Tuscans. Cupid rejects but lurking there is Gama who bagged two steps. The Tavagnacco takes courage and knocks with Bucovaz and Camporese but the home defender says twice "no". Shudder at the end with Fadda and Carraro who cross and cross in the area missing the door of a breath. Second half and the Tavagnacco tries. Cupid foils a corner and soon after neutralizes a treacherous shot from the right wing. After that the Agliana begins to gain confidence with a deserved victory. The first approaches are by Baldi and Fadda but their shots are prey to Buiatti. The "19" number of Aglianese at 77 'makes the defense of Gialloblù tremble with the collaboration of Ciardelli first and then Marchesi but Tavagnacco manages to save the skin once again with the providential rejected by a defender. However, there are no players or goalkeepers to keep when Ciardelli at 79 takes the lead in making a spell. Wand on the feet and abracadabra the advantage is served. The number "9" filters between two opponents, on the edge of the fake outward area but breaks through the center and on the exit of Buiatti the tip prank. A network of author as well as very important that projects the Agliana towards the second consecutive victory and the consequent ninth place in the standings. AIRCARGO AGLIANA FC: Cupid, D'agostino A., Mauro P. (78 'Capalbo), Di Costanzo C., Ugolini, Marchesi, Baldi S. (68 'Pini C.), Fadda (85' D'ancona), Ciardelli, Carraro, Del Prete - Coach: Alberto Ghimenti GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO CF: Buiatti, Simonato, Brumana, Tommasella, Bucovaz (59 'Dona'), Gama, Mauro I. (85 'Battistin), Minisini, Stabile, Sterzai (51' Simeoni), Camporese - Coach: Roberto Modonutti Referee: Michael Fabbri (Ravenna) Networks: 3 'Del Prete (A), 23' Gama (G), 79 'Ciardelli (A) Ammonites: Sterzai, Brumana (G) Expelled: none Spectators: 170 Noemi Diamantini Agliana press officer
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