Thursday, February 26, 2015
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WITH THE PORTO MANTOVANO A VERY GOOD START, THEN THE TEAM GROWS AND DILAGA MONZA - The catharsis of the biancorosse continues, after the clear affirmation on the Tavagnacco the Fiammamonza gets another three points winning wide against the taillight Porto Mantovano and consolidates its position of third strength of the championship. Start uncertain of the Brianza that for about twenty minutes appear abulic and little in the game. Many errors free and race a lot ugly. The result is released on set piece; Marchitelli surprises on his pole from the twenty meters and guests with a spectacular advantage. The Porto s'inebria and touches the doubling with Placchi that sends the ball out of a breath to the 11 '. The passage of time benefits the red-white that slowly find themselves while the guests also bring us some of them; the uncertain defense to three of the Port capitulates so twice in three minutes beaten by two similar left-right game changes. In both cases the Gazzoli vulture arrives punctually to comfortably enter Solano from two steps. The Fiamma is ahead but continues to commit unusual errors especially in the four defensive line, normally the strong point of Grilli's team. The Porto devours a resounding goal with Ruggenenti at 40 'and comes to the conclusion again shortly after with Boni. In the interval Mr. Grilli replaces the feverish Gazzoli with Ronsivalle, Greco becomes first tip and at 4 'you gain strength a penalty kick appeared net that D'Adda transforms with confidence. . The Flame virtually closes the match and, reassured, begins to play much better while the guests raise the white flag. In five minutes Greco square a header with a header that highlights the deficiencies and a verve, the red and white, finally rediscovered. Race that is over and Monza that at 40 'literally gives the second signing to Zanetti due to a defensive blunder paid to expensive, but irrelevant, price. Gianluca Ciofi Asd Fiammamonza Press Office - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 339.1425992 FIAMMAMONZA: Marchitelli, Ceroni, D'Adda, Revolt (25'st Dede), Schiavi, Donghi, Gazzoli (1'st Ronsivalle), Paliotti, Murelli (27 'St Liberati), Greco, Stracchi. All. Grilli (Ferraro, Bertoni, Vinci). PORTO MANTOVANO: Solano S., Cordioli (39 'pt Zanetti), Bersani (33'st Bonomo), Caffara, Boni (25'st Ferrari), Eccher, Placchi, D'Alessandro, Bissoli, Ruggenenti, Duò. All. Donella (Braiato, Solano C., Castagna, Saccenti). REFEREE: Cocchiara di Piacenza (Parillo di Como and Russo di Seregno). NETWORKS: 8'pt Duò (PM); 25 'and 27' pt Gazzoli (F); 4'st D'Adda (F) on penalty; 9 'and 14'st Greek (F); 40'st Zanetti (PM). NOTES: Land in fair condition, 100 viewers around. 4 corner kicks at 3 for the Fiammamonza. Ammonite Donghi and Paliotti for Fiammamonza, Bersani and Bissoli for Porto Mantovano. Recovery 2 '(0' + 2 ').
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