Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Agliana vs. Graphistudio 2 - 1

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The Graphistudio must surrender to the Aglianiana A bitter transfer to the Graphistudio, which was defeated by the challenge with Agliana, although it did not prove inferior to its opponents. At the end of a game played on excellent rhythms, however, it was the Tuscans who conquered the loot, thanks also to an excellent Cupid - above all. The hosts are the first to take the lead after just 3 minutes, with Del Prete. The player, with the complicity of Buiatti who is not very prompt in the intervention, makes the most of a free kick from the 30 meters, ball that bounces in front of the goal line and bag in goal. The extreme Friulian defender, however, is redeemed at the 11 °, when, summoned by Ciardelli, is made ready. Graphistudio draws on the development of a free kick from the edge of the area and Calciato da Brumana. On the short Cupid's short, the quickest to jump on the ball is Gama, who from two steps bags on the net. The Agliana maintains control of the game, but it is the Graphistudio that has more impact. Just before half an hour Mauro is looking for the goal, with a great shot coming out of a whisker from the mirror of the door. Five minutes later the Gialloblù offensive is captained by Bucovaz, who twice, however, is denied the goal by Cupid. Before the interval there is still time for Agliana to be seen in the opposing half field with Fadda. On the pitch, however, is ready to reject, by foot, Buiatti. The shot, played on lower rhythms, opens in the sign of Graphistudio, which at the 9 °, with Tommasella seeks the conclusion from the edge, on the ball but slings the extreme Tuscan defender, who harpoons the ball and saves its door. The game continues with frequent reversals on the front, and occasions on both sides. Shortly before half an hour, the landlords touched the lead with Fadda, whose shot was opposed by Buiatti, who was coming out. The game goal, however, comes to the 34 ° and bears the signature of Ciardelli. The player, after missing two opponents in a solitary action, entered the area and beat the net with maximum coldness. The Graphistudio, has thus been poured, in the last 10 minutes, in the opposing area, but neither Simonato at the 38 °, nor Mauro, a few minutes later, have managed to find the winning gap. For more information Graphistudio Erica Beltrame 347 / 0399767 Press Officer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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