Atalanta - Turin 3 - 1 (1-1)

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It closes with an unexpected defeat on the field of Atalanta the championship of Turin, now arithmetically second in the standings for several weeks. Heavy the defeat 3-1 remedied on the head dell'Atalanta, not so much in the result but for the concentration drops revealed throughout the meeting. Probably has weighed the midweek commitment of the Italian Cup won 3-0 sull'Agliana: also psychologically now everyone's attention is focused on this event. Going forward was immediately the grenade with Ilaria Pasqui, who launched from a touch of Fuselli beats to the net. Then they are the Nerazzurri to do the game, with a bang and response of the forward grenade trying to close the bill with Silvia Fuselli, who unmarked in front of the goalkeeper sends a little side. At the end of the first fraction the landlords find the tie. A serious misunderstanding between Titta Iannuzzelli and Chiara Serafino allows the lightning Mangili to gain the ball in the area and beat the net by two steps for a draw. In the second half it is still Atalanta, thanks also to a confusing Toro that leaves room for the initiatives of Mangili, Bonometti and Scarpellini. At the 23 'the Bergamasco advantage .. punishment of Bonometti and ball that slips on the pole behind the barrier, also because of a not impeccable positioning of the same. The grenades try a sterile forcing more with the heart than with the head and they risk to collapse with a fulminating counter-attack of Mangili, that dribble also Cristina Turano, substituted in the recovery, sends to side of little. Before the end, the third network substitutes in a photocopy, with Mangili, which this time does not let itself be hypnotized by marking the definitive 3-1. For Atalanta it is safe salvation, even if the result of Reggiana - Senigallia would have put the Bergamo area safe. For Torino a bad performance, perhaps the worst in the championship. Tuesday is already a redemption time, in the return leg of the Italian Cup on the field of the Aggliana, without the suspended Silvia Fuselli; convoked by the young Michela Franco and Barbara Bonansea. Fuselli and Tatiana Zorri will then respond to the call of the national team in view of the commitment to qualifying for the European Championship with Ireland (team with which the Tuscan has signed at the Tournament of Algarve a double and among these the first goal in blue) . The blue will meet on Saturday 26 at the La Borghesiana Sports Center in Rome and in the afternoon will support the first training session. The departure for Dublin is scheduled for Monday 28 May, the match will be played on Wednesday 30. Atalanta - Turin 3-1 (pt 1-1) Marking machines: 9 'Pasqui, 45' Mangili (A); st 23 'Bonometti (A), 45' Mangili (A). Atalanta: Gritti, Bruscaini (st 46 'Teli), Rota, Bonometti, Mangili, Scarpellini, Caio (st 45' Cattaneo), Foresti, Spini (st 27 'Gambirasio), Gozzi, Brasi. All. Zonca. Available Filippi, Zanoletti. Turin: Serafino (st 1 'Turano), Gangheri, Bosi, Iannuzzelli, Manieri, Bruno, Cantoro (st 29' Giuliano), Zorri, Gueli (st 1 'Guardia), Fuselli, Pasqui. All. Padovan. Referee: Grega (Legnano); assistants Oddo and Andresi di Lodi Notes. Ammonite: Zorri. * * * Italian Cup semi-finals This is the program for the return of the Italian Cup semi-finals, which are held on Tuesday 22 May: Aircargo Agliana - Torino 15 hours (A: 0-3) Bardolino - Eurospin Torres 15 hours (A: 1- 0) The final matches are scheduled as follows: 2 in June; return Saturday 9 June. Who will play the first leg at home. Turin ACF Torino Press Office Bruno Bili 347 / 51.42.057
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