Agliana - Fiammamonza 1-1

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Mission accomplished. A kick to the calculations and forecasts: the Agliana will also participate next year in the Serie A championship. The fear is not 90 'but stops at the 61', this is the minute in which Capalbo puts the stamp with a beautiful lob on a goal suffered but strongly desired. The Fiammamonza certifies the third place in the standings with his own supremacy but in the end to smile are both teams that by virtue of the point conquered reach their personal goals. AGLIANA. The match of life. This was the diktat imposed on the neroverdi in a match that could have sucked fifteen years of history if the mark at the final whistle had been negative. The most important game of the season if not that of the career of many of the players took the field. An appointment with destiny in the guise not exactly of the sacrificial victim rather than an outgoing tricolor Fiammamonza and eager to reach the finish line of the third place in the standings. Tension, heat, strength of the opponents and 8 'is already 0-1. Stracchi launches Ramera that juggles with disarming ease in the Aglianese area. The neroverdi may believe blindly in an offside that the referee does not whistle and the guest number "10" signs the advantage. The Agliana suffers but try to believe it: Fadda breaks well centrally but instead of supporting Ciardelli well inserted on the right he tries the long-distance shot, Capalbo tries to deviate from a corner but does not capitalize. The points seem as necessary as they are distant and the strong red and white in midfield and quick in starting up again carve out the best opportunities again with Ramera but Cupido says "no" twice. The turn of the game (of the season) arrives at the 61 '. Mauro pennella for Capalbo on the left, the 15 number takes measurements and invents a palombella that amazes Marchitelli and drives away fears. 1-1 and it's a big party. Ciardelli on the wings of enthusiasm tries to close the game but after getting rid of a defender, his conclusion slips away from the post. It was a real match and Fiammonza showed to believe in the three points. Mister Grilli inserts three strikers, in the Gazzoli, Ronsivalle and Balconi racetracks and touches the net just with the former national team but fate is now decided: he wants to smile to both teams and to 90 'sparkling wine is for everyone. Neroverdi, society, staff and fans huddle to celebrate a breathtaking salvation. Next year's appointment even if before Di Costanzo & co they will try tripping at Torino in the Coppa Italia return on Tuesday at 15.00 at the Subsidiary. AIRCARGO AGLIANA FC: Cupid, A. Agostino A., Mauro P., Di Costanzo C., Capalbo, Marquises, Baldi S., Carraro, Ciardelli, Fadda (86 'D'ancona), Del Prete - Coach: Alberto Ghimenti FIAMMAMONZA : Marchitelli, Bertoni (73 'Ronsivalle), D'adda, Rivolta, Schiavi, Donghi, Greek (67' Gazzoli), Paliotti, Murelli (84 'Balconi), Ramera, Stracchi - Coach: Nazzarena Grilli Referee: * Busala (Rome ) Networks: 8 'Ramera (F), 61' Capalbo (A) Booked: Marchesi, Cupido (A) Expelled: none Spectators: 150
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