Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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DOUBLE FOR PATRIZIA PANICO THAT CONQUERS THE TITLE OF CAPCANNONIERE. - INTEGRAL DIFFERENCE OF THE MONDAY RACE ON RAISPORT SATELLITE AT 18,15. SUMMARY TUESDAY ON VENETOSAT. It ends with yet another victory the triumphant ride of the Center Pose Bardolino that has won the second championship in its history by inflicting a gap of well 13 points to Turin. The Veronese in a Belvedere stadium dyed of Gialloblù defeated for 4 nets to one the Tavagnacco Udinese on the final catwalk in front of their own public. Unlock the result Patrizia Panico who firstly puts the ball on the net servitole masterfully by a superb Gabbiadini. The Gardesano doubling comes ten minutes later: a corner kick beaten by Valentina Boni, the ball brushed for the perfect framed Alessia Tuttino. At half an hour the young Lonardi catches the crossbar and on the rebel Panico the conclusion is rejected by the excellent Marcutti. PATRIZIA PANICO WINS THE CANNONIERI CLASSIFICATION AT THE 21 RETI QUOTA. The trio gialloblù is only postponed to the 41 'when Panico head strikes Gabbiadini good to bag precision on the exit of the goalkeeper. Before the well-deserved rest there is still time to applaud Valentina Boni who takes the crossbar on a free kick, a ball that rebounds on the goal line before the Friulian rescue. In the second half, thanks to the heat and the festive air, the rhythm drops and the Tavagnacco takes advantage of it to shorten the distance with Gama who is the center of the area. In the Cesarini area, the goal of Patrizia Panico's personal one-two is to set the final result on 4 at 1. The bomber of Bardolino and the national team, scored for the twenty-first time, so wins his seventh title of top scorer of the championship in front of the torist Pasqui and teammate Gabbiadini. Great celebrations at the Belvedere in the after game for girls in the yellow-blue shirt that with the conquest of the tricolor land in Europe. The season is not over yet, Boni and companions will be back on the pitch in Calmasino Tuesday at 15,00 in the return leg of the Italian Cup semi-final against Torres. After the Scudetto the Veronese now aim at the tricolor cockade. NETWORKS: 10 'pt. Panic, 20 'pt. Tuttino, 41 'pt. Gabbiadini, 32 'st. Gama, 44 'st. Panic. CENTRO POSE BARDOLINO: Brunozzi, Lonardi (1 'st. Girelli), Stefanelli, Sorvillo, Motta (19 'st. Rodella), tuttino, Barbierato, Mascanzoni (1 'st. Riboldi), Boni, Gabbiadini, Panico. Available: Picarelli, Toselli, Ledri, Manzoni. Coach: Renato Longega. GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO: Marcutti, Stabile, Donà, Gama, Simeoni, Martinelli, Di Filippo (29 'pt. Minisini), Tommasella (17 'st. Sterzai), Camporese (19 'st. Battistini), Mauro, Brumana. Available: Del Gaudio. Coach: Roberto Modonutti. REFEREE: Pasolini di Brescia (Bucco and Gozzo) AMMONITE: Girelli and Sterzai. COMMENT: Notes: Very hot day, perfect conditions, 300 spectators around, 4-3 corners, 1 and 0 recovery. Match taken by Rai Sport. At the end celebrations, choreography of the public and fireworks for the Gialloblù championship. Present in the stands the Mayor of Bardolino Pietro Meschi and the Councilor for Sport Francesco Marchiori. On TV: Full deferred commentary on Monday at 18,15 about Rai Sport Satellite (replies Tuesday at 1,30 and 12,00). Wide summary Tuesday at 20,25 on Venetosat (893 SKY channel and Images Sunday at 22,15 on Telearena in the course of "All Amateurs" and Monday in the Tg Sport of 20,00. On Telenuovo service in the Tg Veneto on Monday 12,30 - 14,00 hours. Final classification and score in the Serie A section of our website Final ranking of the A Series 2006 / 2007 gunners: PANIC (CENTRO POSE BARDOLINO) ....... 21 (0 RIGORI) PASQUI (TURIN) ..................... 17 (0) GABBIADINI (CENTRO POSE BARDOLINO) .. 16 (0) BONI (CENTRO POSE BARDOLINO) ........ 15 (2) CONTI (EUROSPIN TORRES) ............. 15 (3) BRUMANA (GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO) ... 13 (1) FUSELLI (TORINO) .................... 13 (1) VICCHIARELLO (VIGOR SENIGALLIA) ..... 13 (3) MARSICO (REGGIANA) ................... 12 (0) MAURO (GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO) ...... 10 (0) SABATINO (REGGIANA) .................. 10 (0) ZORRI (TURIN) ...................... 10 (1) MANGILI (ATALANTA) ................. 9 (0) RIBOLDI (CENTRO POSE BARDOLINO) ..... 8 (0) HARNESS CUTTERS (VIGOR SENIGALLIA) ..... 8 (0) Choreography at the Belvedere in Calmasino to celebrate the tricolor: Before the game a big heart composed of balls in the center of the field with the words BARDOLINO CAMPIONE D'ITALIA. the teams were accompanied on the field by a giant Italian flag and the Bardolino flag with the Scudetto. At the final whistle hundreds of green, white and red balloons, provided by the AVIS Blood Donors Association, were launched into the sky. The evening at the stadium: on the stage set up, the 14 regional champion climbed the order, the Primavera that arrived at the national stage and the first Italian champion team. The gialloblù wore the celebrative shirt with the shield. The Councilor for Sport Francesco Marchiori handed over to the President Marcello Battistoli, the captain Valentina Boni and the scorer Patrizia Panico a great trophy with a ball placated gold in the name of the Municipality of Bardolino. The evening ended with the dinner offered to all those present, the music of a musical complex and fireworks. Coming soon on the site a large photographic report of Liborio on the race and the festivities
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