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SERIE A, THANKS TO HAVE (RI) HOSTED, WE WILL LAST With a memorable trip, with a quick swim in the beautiful resort of Stintino the morning before the race, Il Gioiello Firenze has closed the Serie A championship. The match against Torres was lost for 3-2, after the violates they were deluded and had dominated the first half, closed ahead for 2-0 (although the official "first hour" scores give news that the first part of the race would end on 1-1). For the violates, however, an honorable and measure defeat in the home of the fourth force of the championship. The viola, in fact, had immediately scored a shotgun in the first minutes of play with Patu and Barreca, with shots from the distance, and kept the field with attitude and compactness. In the second half came the pride of the sardines, with the grafts of Domenichetti and Iannella that changed the face of the race, raising much the pace of the game, with Florence instead paying a bit 'even the labors of the long trip. In the picture: the girls of Il Gioiello Firenze In goal scored first Crespi, then the double of Iannella. Florence was inexplicably canceled a goal to Elisa Lucherini immediately after scoring the 1-0 and moreover on the action of one of the Sardinian goals the guardians had insistently alazato the flag to signal an offside that the referee signaled not evaluate this. Issues in any case little change, no recrimination, as is the style that has been given to society. Remains the undertaking of a salvation conquered with a turn in advance in a series where the purple company returned after 13 lughi years of absence and the end of a championship ended with the same points of the "cousins" dell'Agliana, which also in A series have been there for some time. a good starting point for next season, when the goal, as already declared last week by the president Bagni, is to do better. Work in progress for the future has already begun. In series A2 together with the Porto Mantovano relegates the Senigallia, defeated by 3-1 from Reggiana. Saturday in San Marcellino the big party for the salvation with the match against journalists from 16 hours and then big dinner supper. Come on numerous. Torres 3 Jewel Florence 2 EUROSPIN TORRES: (4-4-2) Winkler, Soro, Cortesi, Tona, Machado; Sardu, Puggioni (1 'st Domenichetti), Pintus, Crespi; Mattu (22 'st Capitta), Carboni (1' st Iannella) ,. Available Lay, Valenti, Ricco, Sotgiu. All. Ennas THE JEWEL OF FLORENCE (4-4-1-1): Leoni, Benucci, Guagni, Bruno, Nencioni; Colzi, Spina, Orlandi, Lucherini (5 'st Pitzus); Patu (33 st Baglieri); Barreca. Available: Gori. All. NETWORKS NETWORKS: 11 'Patu, 22' Barreca; 7 'st Crespi, 11' and 29 'st Iannella Angles: 7-6 for the Torres Ammoniti: Patu. Referee: Sodini di Alghero
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