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THE FLAME TEST US IN TUSCANY, ARRIVES A PARI THAT ALLOWS ALL AGLIANA (PT) - If it were not for women's football it would be considered an announced tie. A point to save the Agliana, a point to conquer the third mathematical square the Fiammamonza. But this is female football and it is still (fortunately) true sport, sport in which the calculations are relatively important. So biancorosse and toscane give life to an interesting and intense competition for at least an hour. The team of Nazzarena Grilli is the one that, as per prediction, makes the race and at 9 'passes thanks to Ramera freed in vertical from assist illuminating the usual Stracchi. The Tuscans have a cautious and cautious attitude and try the re-starts. At the 30 'an unorthodox Marchitelli release to Ciardelli the ball of the same, a failed opportunity and desperation for the locals. In the first half of the Cupid is disengaged well several times avoiding the knockout and the teams go in the locker room on the result of one to zero for the Fiammamonza. The script does not change in the recovery until, at the 15 ', Capalbio receives vertically on remittance action of the premises and takes the winning lob. In the photo Naila Ramera. - The photos of the Fiammamonza - The photos of the Aglianiana . Mister Grilli inserts bomber Gazzoli to try to win, she is not at her best but she is still one of the best Italian strikers in business. In fact, at 28 ', after a deflected shot by Donghi, it takes a miracle of Cupid to avoid the scoring of the former center forward from the Italian national team. And 'the last gasp of the race, at the end and only at the end all pull the oars in the boat. The Agliana celebrates a salvation earned with its teeth, the Fiammamonza closes the season with an excellent third place overall (one of the best ever results) and the best defense of the championship, certainly excellent bases to try again to be a protagonist in the next season AGLIANA : Cupido, D'Agostino, Mauro, Di Costanzo, Capalbo, Marchesi, Baldi, Carraro, Ciardelli, Fadda (41'st D'Ancona), Del Prete. All. Ghimenti (Frediani, Staropoli, La Morte). FIAMMAMONZA: Marchitelli, Bertoni (32'st Balconi), D'Adda, Rivolta, Schiavi, Donghi, Greek (24'st Gazzoli), Paliotti, Murelli (21'st Ronsivalle), Ramera, Stracchi. All. Grilli (Ferraro, Liberati, Ceroni). REFEREE: .Busala of Rome (Caroti and Giuntoli). NETWORKS: 9 'pt Ramera (F), 15'st Capalbo (A). NOTES: Land in excellent condition, 80 viewers around. Ammonite Cupido and Del Prete for Agliana. 3 corner kicks at 2 for Agliana. Gianluca Ciofi Asd Fiammamonza Press Office - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 339.1425992 ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Asd Fiammamonza, Via Guarenti 1 headquarters, c / o GA Sada Stadium, 20052 Monza. 039.2022692 phone, 039.836328 fax
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