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The Reggiana takes leave from Mirabello and the championship with another victory Also the Senigallia can not against this team and defeat 3 to 1. Team from the Marche that then retreat in A2 series while the team of Mister Bertolini fails to catch a well-deserved fourth place just because the Torres, who lost 2 to 0 in the first half, manages to finish it in Florence for 3 to 2. Fifth place then the result of a group of amazing return. Regarding the race honor to opponents who with three piles hit maybe deserved something more but the determination and mentality gained by the Reggio training in recent times have been crucial for the achievement of results on results. The bomber Marsico, Sabatino and Costi still scored. The whole team, however, deserves the maximum for commitment, commitment and attachment to this company that in recent years has managed with commitment and sacrifice to maintain the highest category at national level. What about the Mister Bertolini Milena ...... great. REGGIANA: Vicenzi, Davoli, Tavalazzi, Nasuti, Lisi (82 'Zavanelli), Neboli, Brutti, Casile, Marsico (88' Bocedi), Sabatino (86 'Prost), Costi. Available: Anelli, Guareschi, Venturi, Gandolfi ,. All. Bertolini SENIGALLIA: Lotito, Pagnetti, Valeri, Becci, Breccia, Dulbecco, Pongetti, Peri, Tagliabracci, Rosciani, Vecchiarello. Available: Cuomo, Marchetti, Mandolini, De Falco. All. Pongetti REFEREE: Tussi Michele di Cremona NETWORKS: 36 '42 Costs' 69' Slicers 75 'Sabatino' Marsico
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