Wednesday, 15 April, 2015
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Serie A

Atalanta - Turin 3 - 1 (1-1)

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It closes with an unexpected defeat on the field of Atalanta the championship of Turin, now arithmetically second in the standings for several weeks. Heavy the defeat 3-1 remedied on the head dell'Atalanta, not so much in the result but for the concentration drops revealed throughout the meeting. Probably has weighed the midweek commitment of the Italian Cup won 3-0 sull'Agliana: also psychologically now everyone's attention is focused on this event. Going forward was immediately the grenade with Ilaria Pasqui, who launched from a touch of Fuselli beats to the net. Then they are the Nerazzurri to do the game, with a bang and response of the forward grenade trying to close the bill with Silvia Fuselli, who unmarked in front of the goalkeeper sends a little side. At the end of the first fraction the landlords find the tie. A serious misunderstanding between Titta Iannuzzelli and Chiara Serafino allows the lightning Mangili to gain the ball in the area and beat the net by two steps for a draw. In the second half it is still Atalanta, thanks also to a confusing Toro that leaves room for the initiatives of Mangili, Bonometti and Scarpellini. At the 23 'the Bergamasco advantage ..

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The Reggiana takes leave from Mirabello and the championship with another victory Also the Senigallia can not against this team and defeat 3 to 1. Team from the Marche that then retreat in A2 series while the team of Mister Bertolini fails to catch a well-deserved fourth place just because the Torres, who lost 2 to 0 in the first half, manages to finish it in Florence for 3 to 2. Fifth place then the result of a group of amazing return. Regarding the race honor to opponents who with three piles hit maybe deserved something more but the determination and mentality gained by the Reggio training in recent times have been crucial for the achievement of results on results. The bomber Marsico, Sabatino and Costi still scored. The whole team, however, deserves the maximum for commitment, commitment and attachment to this company that in recent years has managed with commitment and sacrifice to maintain the highest category at national level. What about the Mister Bertolini Milena ...... great.

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THE FLAME TEST US IN TUSCANY, ARRIVES A PARI THAT ALLOWS ALL AGLIANA (PT) - If it were not for women's football it would be considered an announced tie. A point to save the Agliana, a point to conquer the third mathematical square the Fiammamonza. But this is female football and it is still (fortunately) true sport, sport in which the calculations are relatively important. So biancorosse and toscane give life to an interesting and intense competition for at least an hour. The team of Nazzarena Grilli is the one that, as per prediction, makes the race and at 9 'passes thanks to Ramera freed in vertical from assist illuminating the usual Stracchi. The Tuscans have a cautious and cautious attitude and try the re-starts. At the 30 'an unorthodox Marchitelli release to Ciardelli the ball of the same, a failed opportunity and desperation for the locals. In the first half of the Cupid is disengaged well several times avoiding the knockout and the teams go in the locker room on the result of one to zero for the Fiammamonza. The script does not change in the recovery until, at the 15 ', Capalbio receives vertically on remittance action of the premises and takes the winning lob. In the photo Naila Ramera. - The photos of the Fiammamonza - The photos of the Aglianiana

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SERIE A, THANKS TO HAVE (RI) HOSTED, WE WILL LAST With a memorable trip, with a quick swim in the beautiful resort of Stintino the morning before the race, Il Gioiello Firenze has closed the Serie A championship. The match against Torres was lost for 3-2, after the violates they were deluded and had dominated the first half, closed ahead for 2-0 (although the official "first hour" scores give news that the first part of the race would end on 1-1). For the violates, however, an honorable and measure defeat in the home of the fourth force of the championship. The viola, in fact, had immediately scored a shotgun in the first minutes of play with Patu and Barreca, with shots from the distance, and kept the field with attitude and compactness. In the second half came the pride of the sardines, with the grafts of Domenichetti and Iannella that changed the face of the race, raising much the pace of the game, with Florence instead paying a bit 'even the labors of the long trip. In the picture: the girls of Il Gioiello Firenze

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DOUBLE FOR PATRIZIA PANICO THAT CONQUERS THE TITLE OF CAPCANNONIERE. - INTEGRAL DIFFERENCE OF THE MONDAY RACE ON RAISPORT SATELLITE AT 18,15. SUMMARY TUESDAY ON VENETOSAT. It ends with yet another victory the triumphant ride of the Center Pose Bardolino that has won the second championship in its history by inflicting a gap of well 13 points to Turin. The Veronese in a Belvedere stadium dyed of Giallobl├╣ defeated for 4 nets to one the Tavagnacco Udinese on the final catwalk in front of their own public. Unlock the result Patrizia Panico who firstly puts the ball on the net servitole masterfully by a superb Gabbiadini. The Gardesano doubling comes ten minutes later: a corner kick beaten by Valentina Boni, the ball brushed for the perfect framed Alessia Tuttino. At half an hour the young Lonardi catches the crossbar and on the rebel Panico the conclusion is rejected by the excellent Marcutti. PATRIZIA PANICO WINS THE CANNONIERI CLASSIFICATION AT THE 21 RETI QUOTA.


Agliana - Fiammamonza 1-1

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Mission accomplished. A kick to the calculations and forecasts: the Agliana will also participate next year in the Serie A championship. The fear is not 90 'but stops at the 61', this is the minute in which Capalbo puts the stamp with a beautiful lob on a goal suffered but strongly desired. The Fiammamonza certifies the third place in the standings with his own supremacy but in the end to smile are both teams that by virtue of the point conquered reach their personal goals. AGLIANA. The game of life. This was the diktat imposed on the neroverdi in a match that could have sucked fifteen years of history if the mark at the final whistle was negative. The most important match of the season if not that of the career of many of the players took to the field. An appointment with destiny in the garments not just of the sacrificial victim rather of a tricolor Fiammamonza outgoing and eager to break the finish line of the third place in the standings.

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Portomantovano - Agliana 1-2

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Important success in Lombardy that brings the aglianesi close to one step from salvation. The valances are already relegated but they do not offer discounts: to conquer the best result, the neroverdi must fight and suffer. The match could have been closed before but a pole and some mistakes in front of Solano make the 80 scream for success. 1-2 and both goals in one way or another lead the brand of Del Prete ([i] in the picture [/ i]) MANTUA. And 'the clash with the last of the class but for the Agliana the match against the Portomantovano is worth as a final: Di Costanzo & in fact want to win the pink jersey in the sprint for salvation. The beginning looks promising. Del Prete from the left pushes forward, crosses short for Fadda who hits the head well but on the first post. A few minutes and the landlords have to foil as well as an internal attack: the ball splashes quickly in a melee area but Benini is quick to shoot it away before you cross the line. The photos of the match Porto Mantovano - Agliana

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Turin - Center Pose Bardolino 2-2 (0-0)

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The comparison between Torino and the Cento Pose Bardolino, winner of the Scudetto, must have been a little more than a demonstrative match, given the games now made in the league, and with the Italian Cup semi-finals on the verge. The two best formations of the season gave life to the center "don Mosso" of Venaria to a very beautiful game, intense competitive, despite the more than 30 degrees of temperature (in spite of those who say that with the first warm the formations lie in midfield , see even the men's series A ...). In the grenade ranks were captain Miniati, Guardia, the young Pisano and the "long-lasting" Dear and Chancellor, Padovan sends in the field therefore the most logical formation possible, with Manieri external defense but free to propose itself from her forwards and Tatiana Zorri deployed in the middle of the field, leaving the bands to Pamela Gueli and Maura Bruno. In the first half, the actions are immediately drumming, with the grenade having a slight territorial prevalence and the Bardolino ready to hit on the counterattack, taking advantage of the deep spaces. At the 10 'Turin offers a wonderful action "hand" rugby, with the ball that travels from the left from Manieri to Fuselli, to Ilaria Pasqui, but does not complete the work of "send to the goal" Bruno, very free on the right, but kicks in goal from the edge of the area without problems for the extreme Brunozzi.

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BRILLIANT FIAMMAMONZA, TORRES BATTUTA AND THIRD PLACE IN POCKET MONZA - One day from the end of the season the Fiammamonza wins the direct comparison valid for the third place in the standings and detaches the Torres of three points. An apparently platonic conquest only; this aside, if confirmed between 90 ', is one of the most prestigious achievements of the Monza company that confirms, therefore, one of the strongest teams in Italy. The consideration is not of little importance considering that until some time ago the only one not to disfigure (to suffer three or four goals of difference) against the islanders was evaluated as a success. And instead the Fiamma confirms itself as a high-ranking team at the end of a good match played with great dynamism despite the great heat. Favorable start for guests who exercise a certain territorial supremacy and push. Two attempts by Ricco and Crespi at the 5 'and the 7' then at the 8 'great parade by Marchitelli on a blow to the grass by Coluccini. Silvia Cannata's interview with Mister Grilli.

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SATURDAY 19 MAY LAST DAY OF CHAMPIONSHIP A championship won with supremacy by Centropose Bardolino, only opposed by Torino that fails to have the right continuity to still aim at the final victory. In the relegation zone the games are still all to be done apart from the newly promoted Portomantovano already condemned. Atalanta, Agliana and Vigor Senigallia will play on Saturday against Torino, Fiammamonza and Reggiana respectively. In Agliana and Atalanta, a draw is enough to win salvation, but if there is a ranking with the same score among the 3 teams, it seems that the Avulsa standings will be applied and two teams would play in the playoff. In this case La Vigor Senigallia one could watch the direct confrontation between the other two from the stand. A championship, however, once again distorted by the usual financial and organic problems .. thanks to the spring championship.

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